Rebel heart

I was the exact opposite of a rebel as a teenager. No detention. Never grounded. Always the good girl.

I get a bit cross sometimes that I never got the chance to be BAD.

Well, sort of, not really.

I’m highly intolerant of people who do THE WRONG THING. Even little stuff like NOT KEEPING LEFT on the footpath makes me cranky.

I suspect control freaks aren’t cut out for rebellion.

I have an intern working for me at the moment. He told me his name was Jonas Rebellius. I thought it was a millennial joke about his secret wild side. But no, that’s his real name.

He’s young and tall and Swiss and sweet and can’t understand a word of my broad Australian accent.

DD noted: “Some would say that’s the perfect relationship.”


This was my fourth attempt at taking a selfie of Jonas, he rejected the first three before finally giving up.

Anyways, Jonas Rebellius was my date for a Titan Digital/Google Digital Marketing Lab at Google’s Sydney headquarters last night. Google lived up to expectations – there was a bank of scooters in the lobby and everything.

The lab session itself had its moments. I learned that there’s been a 34% increase in the past 12 months in digital activity on mobile phones, there are 40,000 Google searches every second, and by 2017 69% of all internet content will be mobile (blah).

But mainly it was a plug for Google Ad Words and Titan Digital, with free booze and snacks afterwards.

Jonas, being a poor student, was stoked about the freebies and decided to hang around after I bolted.

As much as I enjoy a free drink and paper cone of salt and pepper squid, I had to get back to my kids.

No time for rebellion – even if I was cut out for it – on a school night when you’re a single mum. Besides, Britain’s Got Talent was on the tellie.

Have you ever been a rebel?

Song of the day: Billy Idol “Rebel Yell”

6 thoughts on “Rebel heart

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  1. NO !!! I was always the good girl too – and I too often wished I had been less ridged and taken more chances or at least done some things that I wasn’t supposed too !!! Maybe that’s why I had my nose pierced this year or maybe it was just during a menopause mad phase !! LOL

  2. Yep, I hear you Alana! Rules are rules and I get very annoyed when they are broken, too. Perhaps I should have become a policeman. Never got detention, never wagged school, always did the right thing.
    Being the eldest of 3 children, with less than a year separating us, meant that I was always expected to lead by example and “rebellious” behaviour was not tolerated. My brother was the rebel in our family!
    I suppose getting my first road bike, defying my parents’ wishes, was as rebellious as I ever got…apart from the many speeding tickets!
    Aaargh, the rules, the rules…

  3. Sometimes being a rebel is being a good girl cos sometimes shit needs to be pointed out. I have always looked for reason and don’t do well with being told.

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