Of course I’m not … you know …

I mean, I’m almost 49. My womb has been razed to the ground by a metal device heated to 180C. It’s more barren than Donald Trump’s heart. But, there’s something about your mum saying “maybe you’re pregnant” that makes an anxious over thinker anxiously over think. Especially when your medically trained significant other (who doesn’t […]


I haven’t felt able to blog over the past few days. My mojo deserted me last week and with it went any desire or ability to tap out a post. I’m pretty sure it’s chemical. I’m less than two months away from turning 49 and my body – and mind – is betraying me as […]

How the stars marked Australia Day 2017

Australia Day was a pretty subdued affair on Instagram this year. There’s so much debate around whether the date should be changed, as it marks the arrival of the First Fleet into Sydney Cove in 1788, a moment that is mourned by many indigenous people because of the brutality that followed. It was a pretty subdued […]

Going the retro route

It feels weird NOT to mention it, but I’m loathe to say “Happy Australia Day!” So many people AREN’T happy about it these days. Even my easygoing 10-year-old gave me a grilling last night, wanting to know why we were celebrating invading someone else’s country. So I’ll just say “Happy public holiday with family and […]

Naked tooth fairies

Someone Googled “Naked tooth fairy” yesterday and arrived at my blog. I expect they were deeply disappointed by whatever they found. There are no naked tooth fairy photos at Housegoeshome … or saucy tales about them. Although, I did dress up (quite creatively) as Santa’s helper once … But that was just in real life […]

Did that REALLY happen? Nah!

There are vast swathes of my life that have a weird mythical quality to them. They can’t possibly have happened to me. They belong to another person’s life. The person who feels more “real” is the suburban single mum who worries about paying her bills, adores swimming in the ocean, is rediscovering love and can’t […]

Blue Sunday

I finally got back to the sea late yesterday, after a week without it or DD. The sea had the sulks and sent me bluebottles. Now I have the sulks with the sea. Avalon and Whale Beach were both deserted due to the blue plague, so we headed to Palm Beach in search of clear […]

I am woman – hear me roar

I’ve been in Newcastle for the weekend collecting the kids, so going to the Women’s March in Sydney didn’t cross my radar as an option. But I’ve been incredibly moved to see how many millions of women – and men – around the world have taken to the streets. It wasn’t just restricted to the […]

She cracks me up

My daughters are away for the week having BULK fun with their cousins. The youngest has been sending me updates on her adventures and they’ve been a cack. I see a career as a food Instagrammer in her future. Here’s the first pic she sent me via her mini iPad … Her gift to her cousins […]

The calm before the storm

I caught up with my old mag mate Franki last night. We don’t get out much these days, so there was a bit of to-and-fro about where we should go – neither of us had the slightest idea. We ended up in Leichhardt at a restaurant called Apertivo because Franki once interviewed the owner for […]