The memories you share

“Alana, we care about you and the memories that you share here. We thought that you’d like to look back on this post from 3 years ago.” How do you feel about the little “Your memories on Facebook” surprises that pop up in your news feed each week? I can’t help thinking they must be […]

Drawing the short straw

Remember my lovely dog/chook/bunny sitter Glen? We used to work together at Woman’s Day many moons ago. He’s currently minding a cat called Steve in a waterfront mansion – with bonus jetty – in my neighbouring suburb. So he popped over last night to check out my renovation. As we sat sipping our respective beer […]

Don’t go without meeeeee!

DD flew out yesterday to his annual company conference in Florida. Sad face. He’ll be gone all week. I will miss him. He sent a pic of himself giving me a little wave from the plane just before take off. Even sadder face. I went to the conference with him last year. Supremely sad face. […]

Keeping my cool

There’s not a breath of air around my way this morning. So still, so stifling. I’m wishing I’d found a way to stay on the Northern Beaches last night so I could float in the cool waves this morning. But dog sitters are hard to come by during the January school holidays and it would […]

“Yes” is a beautiful word

There’s something about DD that makes me want to say “yes”. I used to be such a “no” girl. I took a set against potential fun for some weird reason. I took the role of cataloguing the adventures of my children and their father, recording moments for posterity rather than diving into them myself. I […]

People are so freaking funny

Our senior administration officer totally cracks me up. She has a quirky sense of humour that ensures a day at work is never mundane. Her hosting of the Kris Kringle totally made our office Christmas party. Not to mention her contribution of a collapsible camping kettle being the gift of the day. When Alison joined […]

Blessings and curses

Faaaaaaar out it was hot at my place yesterday. I was working from home and the perspiration was puddling on my top lip. I yearned to be in the air-conditioned comfort of my workplace, with the cafe serving the best strong flat white with half a sugar in the world across the road. It’s weird […]

Doing it French style

It would appear Blackish finally has French sub-titles, as “position du triceratops” is trending in the “search” section of my blog, along with “la position du tricerateupe.” It sounds much more glamorous in French, don’t you think? Not that there’s anything glamorous about it. The only triceratops position I’d be interested in trying is a […]

How nice was that?

Yesterday was top ‘n’ tailed by two lovely episodes. I needed that loveliness – the fractured family thing got me down on Saturday night. I swear, if there’s some way to mutually compromise and resuscitate your marriage, give it a go. The alternative has so many wretched aspects. One of them left me feeling a little sad […]