Don’t go without meeeeee!

DD flew out yesterday to his annual company conference in Florida.

Sad face.

He’ll be gone all week. I will miss him.

He sent a pic of himself giving me a little wave from the plane just before take off.

Even sadder face.

I went to the conference with him last year.

Supremely sad face.

Partners weren’t technically invited, but I managed to score sneaky invites to the welcome cocktail party and one of the corporate dinners. It was a bit like he’d taken Vivienne from Pretty Woman along … without the prostitute bit or hotness of Julia Roberts.

Remember that scene from the opera when she was dressed up all posh and fancy but, when an old lady says “How was it dear?” she replies “It was so good I almost peed my pants.”

Well that’s kinda me at a work conference.

Give me half a chance and I’ll regale total strangers with stories of my DIY Brazilian wax, that time I was a judge at Miss Nude Australia and the night Portia di Rossi may have possibly almost hit on me.

At the dinner, his (female) work colleague told me a rauchy fish taco anecdote that made me laugh so loudly the whole room turned around to stare.

It wasn’t very fly-under-the-radar of me.

The conference was held at the Ritz Carlton and his room was totally luxe. I lazed around reading books on the balcony and he’d bring me sandwiches and Diet Cokes at regular intervals.

We had SUCH a good holiday together when his work stuff was done.

We went to Cape Canaveral and St Augustine and Savannah and Lake Tahoe and the Napa Valley and San Francisco.

It was awesome. Recklessly expensive for a poor, single mum, but awesome.

But this year it was just him and no me on that loooooooong flight.

Safe travels DD!

Here are a few of my favourite pics from our trip:

Song of the day: John Denver “Leavin’ on a jet plane”

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