School uniform fantasy time

I found my school uniform in the garage yesterday and made a terrible error of judgement. I decided to try it on. Of course, it didn’t fit. Not even close. The entire side zipper wouldn’t do up because of my mamma hips and belly.  There goes that fancy dress party idea. Sigh. Talk about diet inspiration […]

Spicy baked eggs (and naughty rhymes)

“Can’t think, too dumb. Inspiration won’t come. Can’t write, bad pen. Best wishes. Amen.” That’s a line from my grandmother’s autograph book. Ever seen an autograph book? They were THE thing in my teenage grandmother’s day – all your friends wrote giggle-inducing verses in them, such as … “The boy stood on the burning deck, the […]

I can feel something in my waters

I’ve never been good with change. I like things done a certain way. It really bothers me when they’re not. I’m trying to get better at that … And, despite it supposedly being harder to change as you get older, I do seem to be mellowing. A year ago, I wrote a blog post called […]

All gingered up

You know that feeling you get when you totally nail the perfect gift? I got it last night as I sat in the fourth row of a Tim Minchin concert at the Sydney Opera House forecourt, sharing the Christmas pressie I gave DD. Those seats were sooooooo AWESOME. As was Tim. Go the gingers! Tim […]

Oscars 2015: the best celebrity selfies

From Neil Patrick Harris taking to the stage in his underpants, to Oprah accepting a Lego Oscar, to John Travolta manhandling a reluctant Scarlett Johanssen, to Benedict Cumberbatch telling the cameraman to rack off, Oscars 2015 didn’t disappoint in the wacky moments stakes.   But my favourite part of the ceremony – apart from the […]

Where did the easy years go?

I thought I’d settled into “comfortable” middle age until I was unceremoniously flung back into the dating pool at the not-so-tender age of 46. I’d adopted a style of dressing that would make Maggie Tabberer proud, thrown away most of my heels, loved my utilitarian Bonds undies, went to bed at 9.30pm every night, cooked elaborate […]

Is this abnormal?

I usually do a weekly round-up on a Sunday. But it’s been a massive “my year” and I’m curious: do you think it’s normal to have so much happen? It feels like I’ve transformed into a one-woman soap opera. A school mum noted in the playground last week that my life is always dramatic. I’m […]

Girls’ night out

Do we let our children grow up too soon? Are we doing it all wrong? I look at my towering eldest and compare her life at 11 with mine. It’s like we’re from different planets. When I was a kid, going out never got more exotic than honey king prawns at the local Chinese restaurant. […]

She touches the blood of a devil

Kids’ brains – and their limitless imaginations – totally fascinate me. Here’s a poem my eight-year-old wrote at school … It was pinned to the wall in her classroom – my ex spotted it on parent information night and sent me a snap. (The youngest has the most awesome teacher: Mrs L. This is our […]

Recovery mode

It’s dangerous when I have time on my hands … I get sucked into the digital vortex … even more so than usual. As I sat at home recovering from my op yesterday, I couldn’t stop edging towards the phone, iPad and computer for yet another fix. I should have been lying on the couch […]