School uniform fantasy time

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I found my school uniform in the garage yesterday and made a terrible error of judgement.

I decided to try it on.

Of course, it didn’t fit. Not even close. The entire side zipper wouldn’t do up because of my mamma hips and belly.  There goes that fancy dress party idea.


Talk about diet inspiration … although aspiring to be the size I was at 17 may be a teensy bit unachievable.

After I finished mourning those svelter days, I started reminiscing about the girl herself.

I’ve written about that strange, skinny redhead before in a blog called “Who Were You In High School”.

I recalled that I was the weird girl wearing a black armband when Split Enz broke up. And a red cap, long before sunsense was fashionable. And a red leather bow tie. And my dad’s old green raincoat. I was obsessed with fantasy and science fiction. My idea of a bulk fun day was to catch the train to Sydney and head to the Galaxy Bookshop.

I was, as my father would later describe in his speech at my 21st birthday party, “a bit strange” with “all these oddbod friends”.

I dreamed about buying a emerald green Datsun with tartan seats (to match my favourite gym boots). Actually, I wished my last name was “Green” instead of “House”, so people would stop calling me House on Fire (inspired by my red hair) and asking where my windows were (hardy-ha-ha). I briefly flirted with the idea of being a pharmacist so I could mix medicinal concoctions, before conceding I was hopeless at science and deciding to be editor of Dolly magazine instead …

It kinda freaks me out that my eldest will be in high school this time next year. I went to a Year 6 cocktail party last night where high school options were discussed at length (we need to submit the application forms by next month … eeeek).

The kids slept over at their dad’s house because it was an adult’s only affair. It’s kinda awesome that parents are using their children’s education as an excuse to party. I’m not sure my parents ever did any school-based socialising.

I’m totally in love with the parents at my daughters’ school. Such great people. So the party totally rocked. A pair of very brave parents held the soiree at their place – I am deeply envious of their pool – and called in caterers. So we drank champagne and nibbled on coconut prawns and satay chicken skewers and mini pies and chatted and laughed A LOT.


It was very fancy.


I ran into a lovely mum who I thought was a complete stranger, but apparently we met at the school swimming carnival last year. Ooops. I made the excuse that my husband had just left me the week prior, so my brain was a bit addled.

She took that corker in her stride and forgave me, then handed me a glass of the Mumm champagne she’d brought along (bless her) and said I looked completely different to the last time we met – so much happier.

Yes! I am!

So. Much. Happier.

I’d be a smidge happier if I that school uniform still fitted …

Song of the day: Cat Stevens “Remember the days at the old schoolyard”

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  1. Haha. I’d love to find my old uniform but I think it disappeared about 20 moves ago! It would be getting close to fitting me (apart from the hips I’d say).
    NLPS had school barbeques when I was in primary school. Friday nights, where the parents and teachers tied one on till the early hours of Saturday morning while the kids roamed the streets of New Lambton and wreaked havoc (as primary school kids in the 70s were want to do LOL). There was never much discussion about high school options as there was really only two, and one of those was the best school in Newcastle at the time! 😛 Grateful we don’t have to move our kids for high school, they will just transition through. Not looking forward to buying blazers and winter jackets for the next 7 years though!

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