My week: burning the candle at both ends

My nightlife got a little crazy last week.

I went to a dear friend’s 50th last Saturday night and didn’t quite recover before another week swept me off my feet again.

I headed blearily to dinner with friends on Monday, then slept fitfully in fear of missing my 7am work start on Tuesday.

While it sounds ideal to start work early so you can dash to school for a 3pm pick-up, then feed the kids dinner, then go out to a Tim Minchin concert … it’s freaking exhausting.

Good thing Tim Minchin made me laugh so much (and DD bought me lots of bubbly).

It was almost midnight by the time I paid the babysitter and crawled into bed.

Wednesday and Thursday passed in a sleep-deprived blur. You know that feeling where it’s like you’re struggling through a viscous fog?

There were also a few bad dreams along the way, including one that I woke myself from by crying out. The responsibilities of single motherhood and a mortgage can be nightmare inducing sometimes.

Friday was a year 6 parents’ cocktail party, where I was cajoled into staying up waaaaay past my bedtime and got far too blathery. Forgive me everyone.

While I’m easily led, I’m not a natural night owl.

Have I mentioned my nickname as a twentysomething was “Cinderella” because I never stayed up past midnight? Well, I was young then. I’m oooooold now.

You do not want to know how much evil chemical-laced sugar-free V I’ve consumed to keep my eyes open during daylight hours.

Sooooooo tired. I even had to check with DD what I’d done on a couple of the nights so I could write this recap, because my exhausted brain literally couldn’t retrieve the information.


Meanwhile, at Housegoeshome …

>> On Monday I wondered where the easy years had gone. I’m really hoping the universe has run out of dramas for a while.


>> On Tuesday I blogged all my favourite Oscars selfies and gifs.

>> Wednesday I went see Tim Minchin live at the Sydney Opera House: my “best ever” Christmas gift to DD.


>> Thursday I realised my enmity for the water – bizarre for a Piscean – was going out with the tide and fantasied about living by the water one day. Imagine drinking rose on the deck and gazing at the view above on lazy afternoons!

>>  Friday I blogged a yummy baked eggs recipe and reminisced about autograph books (the kind your friends signed, not celebrities). While in the real world, I snuck off to do this … smiling at the memory …


>> And Saturday was all about school uniform fantasies, which gave more than one reader a heart-starter when they read the blog title. Ah, you can take the girl out of weekly magazines but you can’t take weekly magazines out of the girl. I also confessed in a Facebook comment that the reason for the main photo was the hot year 12 boys playing cricket behind us … early example of the photo bomb …

And …


>> There was conjoined twin separation joy during an amazing surgery in Texas that even had the surgeons weeping.

>> What do you think about babies being created without mothers?  >>

>> Three blokes have dared to experience ‘pregnancy’ – and wish they didn’t have balls – would yours be game?? >>

>> Carrie Bickmore on the hell of her first birth, her fears for her second … and the bizarre name that’s on the table for the bub (nooooo, she can’t call her baby THAT!) >>

How was your week? 

Song of the day: Goldfrapp “Ooh la la”

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