Chucking a rental mental

I just had the final inspection on my rental property yesterday and it totally sucked. Prior to moving into the bloody place, I hadn’t rented for a long, long time. I hope – after yesterday – that I never have to rent again. The rental chick met me at the house and proceeded to go […]

Ever felt like this in the morning?

It took me an eternity to get dressed for work yesterday. Everything I tried on looked TERRIBLE and was discarded into a growing heap on my bed. I’d been meaning to get to work early, but there was no way that was happening as the 30-minute mark and a wardrobe decision STILL hadn’t been made. […]

You know you’ve lost the plot when …

… You drive the car to work in driving rain and park in a two-hour metre zone and feed the parking metre an exhorbitant pile of gold coins because you are worried about the puppy and want to check on him at lunchtime. Yes, really. And so, you head back across the Harbour Bridge in […]

The party is cancelled

“For whatever reasons, Ray, call it… fate, call it luck, call it karma, I believe everything happens for a reason.” – Dr Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters I’ve been wandering around my new house in a blissed out haze. The place is nothing special, it’s on a busy road, but it’s a happy home. And I feel so […]

12 marvellous muffin recipes

I love making muffins. No boring flour sifting, just chuck everything in a bowl, give it all a quick stir and you’re done. The flavour combos are endless too. Check out some of my creations. I usually make a batch on the weekend with whatever I have on hand and pack one for my eldest’s […]

The dumbest thing I’ve ever done?

My mum doesn’t read my blog every day. She tends to catch up in blocks … so, Mum, I have some news I was too scared to tell you … Meet the newest member of the Household: Bilbo Baggins … I am NOT looking forward to hearing what Dad has to say. He will go […]

Why does everyone look so worried?

Where do I start? The fun stuff seems like a good place. My latest A-lister Sydney experience – courtesy of Tourism NSW to celebrate the upcoming ACCTA Awards – saw me checking into a suite at the QT Hotel after having the car valet parked by someone who looked like this …. When that happens […]