My holiday happy snaps

This morning I’m busy being an A-lister again … poor me! So I thought I’d finally show you a few holiday happy snaps from my cruise to Tassie … PS A special shout-out to my awesome mate Glen who took care of Charlie while I was gone. He sent me a message yesterday asking about […]

The good, the bad and the oh-my-gawd

The roller coaster launched at 5.30am when I woke in pain. I share every other drama with you, soooooo: there was a lump in my breast. The anxiety built as I waited in the darkness for the kids to wake, fretting quietly. The moment the clock hit 8.30am I tried calling the doctor’s surgery for […]

So. Much. Food

I reckon I’ve gained a kilo a day on this cruise. My god they know how to feed you. It starts with double breakfast. Zumba is at 9am so I duck up to the Windjammer Cafe and grab an oatbran muffin. Couldn’t possibly do a 50-minute sweaty Latin exercise class without sustenance, even in a […]

Never alone

I am blessed with my friendships. As I walked off the gangplank yesterday morning and finally got some precious mobile phone reception, I read a post on Facebook from my mate – and dogsitter – Glen showing Charlie my mad moodle making gentle love to his stuffed white tiger in my backyard. Glen captioned it: […]

This is how we rock

That moment when a ’50s tribute band starts playing in the atrium of the cruise ship and your kids refuse to do the twist with Pop. So you do the twist with Pop and a vacant blonde in a pink satin poodle skirt hands you Radiance of the Seas keyrings. And you say cheers and […]

Waiting for the poo

I know yesterday’s blog was about spew, but today really has to be about poo, because we went to see MONA. And what would MONA be without the “Cloaca”? For followers blissfully unaware of the Cloaca, it’s an art exhibit that replicates the digestive system. Museum staff “feed” it steak and veggies in the morning […]

Totally spewing

I felt faintly queasy when I woke up yesterday. I blamed it on the free champagne at the Captain’s welcome party … Until I emerged from the inky confines of my internal cabin and saw the ship was tossing about in a three-metre swell. Blerghl-erghl … Fortunately I have a fairly iron stomach, so I […]

Trust issues

Don’t trust a woman who’s never been to the gym to give you directions to the nearest sporting goods store. If you do, you’ll spend the first two hours of your port call to Newcastle trekking in 33C heat to Newcastle West, searching in vain for the aforementioned mythical sporting goods store. You may ask […]

That awkward moment …

Children are unpredictable creatures, but there are some things you can always count on when you take an eight-year-old on a cruise. >> If they go to bed after 9pm the night before sailing, then rise at 6am the next morning they will be a mite mercurial all day. >> They are guaranteed to totally […]

Whatever floats your boat

OK, the move is over. I survived. Just. House has a Home again … and I am totally stoked. The kids are stoked too, mainly because they’re about to spend the week being besties with a free, help-yourself soft-serve ice-cream machine. At 11am this morning we’re boarding the Radiance of the Seas for a seven-night cruise […]