My holiday happy snaps

This morning I’m busy being an A-lister again … poor me! So I thought I’d finally show you a few holiday happy snaps from my cruise to Tassie …

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PS A special shout-out to my awesome mate Glen who took care of Charlie while I was gone. He sent me a message yesterday asking about Charlie’s breed, saying fans wanted to know what sort of dog he was and he’d just been telling them “human.” Nawwwww.

Here are some of his other updates – they made me giggle A LOT.


“Having just enjoyed a cheese platter and a chilled Riesling, Charlie likes nothing more than to ravage his white tiger while she lays back and thinks of England.”

“Splendour in the grass. Frisky Charlie treats his White Tiger to a passionate embrace out of doors. “You’ve made my life so glamorous, “I hear him pant. “You can’t blame me for feeling amorous. ” Charlie is so clever he even recites Gershwin lyrics.”

“Charlie and I went for a Sunday drive today. We went visiting as people used to do. We went to Mr and Mrs Hahn’s where Charlie fell for the alluring and welcoming Jazzy Hahn. They were instant mates, tearing about the place, making merry. We all enjoyed a yummy brunch while I learned all about Jazzy. Jazzy is my next doggy minding gig. And I have a feeling Charlie will be insisting on a sleep over.”

And, finally …

“My last night with Charlie. He sleeps on my knee snuggling into my green flanny shirt. We listen to the rain and watch Midsomer Murders. It’s quite cool here tonight. How I love this wonderful, kind and magically eccentric little dog.”

5 thoughts on “My holiday happy snaps

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  1. Wow. Fab pics – that gorilla towell sculpture was brilliant! And Glen seems like the best dog-sitter a canine could have. Maybe Charlie and Glen should get a book deal?

    1. It was the room attendant’s first cruise, he was a sweetie. And he’d obviously been paying very close attention in the towel-folding tutorials at cruise school!

  2. I need a friend like Glen. He’s clearly hilarious. Those towels in the shape of a gorilla are amazing. I bet the girls loved them. Why do they show movies on the floor of the loo? That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. Any particular theme to the movies?

    1. Glen is one in a million! He was my senior writer at Woman’s Day. They are silent arty movies on the loo floor. Bizarre – means people stay in there even longer than usual.

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