Go for it!

It was the builder’s turn to send ME a photo yesterday. Fortunately he meant to do it. It was a pic of a piece of benchtop in his storeroom that he thought might do the trick in my laundry. I’m so desperate for the renovation to end that I’d probably accept a piece of masonite […]

All the secrets

All the secrets are coming out today … well, a few teeny weeny ones. Former weekly magazine editors tend to embellish … OK … DD’s first name is David. Gasp. My builder’s first name is Daniel. Both names start with “Da” and because I’m long and short sighted I accidentally texted the builder a pic of […]

I hope it wasn’t a mistake

I bought my first-ever new sofa in my lunch break yesterday. At age 52. Took me a while. And, blimey, I didn’t opt for something safe. I went for a green velvet one: The youngest is HORRIFIED. She hates it. I hope I haven’t made a terrible mistake. Most sofa places have a three-month wait, […]

Awwww, heck no!

My hopes for getting a functioning laundry/shower room were dashed yesterday on multiple fronts. 1. The plumber needs a big hole jackhammered into my side path to get the new drainage in. 2. The shower outlet is very low, as it was positioned before we decided to raise the ceiling. So the shower head I […]

Things are speaking to me

Rats are a lot like printers. They’re cheap up front, but the ongoing costs are a killer. Business Insider notes: “A gallon of printer ink can cost you $US12,000. When in cartridge form, it’s more expensive than vintage Champagne.” Why is printer ink so expensive? “Oh that’s simple: greed … basically it’s a formula: The […]

Tranquil Dawn

You know that compulsive nesting thing that pregnant women do? Well mine saw me hunting for a house when I was weeks away from giving birth to my first child. I was living in an apartment in Bondi that was up 50 steps … not very practical with a pram. We couldn’t find a house […]

Preventing unwanted shadows

OK, you’re up to speed on my week off … now what? Oh, that’s right, I promised you renovation pics. There’s still not much to see. As aforementioned, work on the new laundry/shower room is going VERY slowly, but the tiling is almost done. Just one day to go, fingers crossed, as the tiler is […]

Bringing you up to speed: part two

After two beautiful days in Forster, we explored South West Rocks on route to Bellingen to drive the Waterfall Way. Here’s a happy snap from South West Rocks, we thought it was awesome: And here’s the link to all the fun details on The Thirsty Travellers. Here’s a happy snap from Waterfall Way, which was […]

Bringing you up to speed: part one

So much happened during my blogging break, I’ll need at least two posts to cover it. I’ve been looking back through my photos from the past 10 days and giving myself little starts of surprise. For example, I’d forgotten that the youngest and I had COVID tests the week before last. The youngest just had […]

Apocalyse owww

So many lovely things happened last week that I’m dying to tell you about … but they will have to wait because I need to share the harrowing details from my apocalyptic Saturday night. The day started so peacefully, with a piece of that new fangled Crumpet Toast stuff … have you tried it? Weird […]