I am redundant

I was retrenched on Monday. Isn't that the pits? That will teach me to blog about contentment. My ex-employer wants to hire someone slightly cheaper than me who only works four days a week and also sells advertising. It’s all about “revenue generation”. There is some fancy new title for the role that I can't... Continue Reading →

Things get trippy again

My weekend had its highs and lows. I was stoked with the flower chair I got on clearance at Bunnings for $20!! Look how much designer ones - admittedly full cane, but hey - sell for: I was also excited when the builder turned up on Saturday and moved my breakfast bar to become an... Continue Reading →

Picture this

Picture this ... There's a plumber in my powder room fixing the dodgy piping; there's a builder on my deck assembling a bathroom cabinet; there's another builder in the laundry measuring up the shower screen glass; two blokes stagger through the front door with my new velvet sofa; and my friend Mel arrives to do... Continue Reading →

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