I am redundant

I was retrenched on Monday. Isn’t that the pits? That will teach me to blog about contentment. My ex-employer wants to hire someone slightly cheaper than me who only works four days a week and also sells advertising. It’s all about “revenue generation”. There is some fancy new title for the role that I can’t […]

Things get trippy again

My weekend had its highs and lows. I was stoked with the flower chair I got on clearance at Bunnings for $20!! Look how much designer ones – admittedly full cane, but hey – sell for: I was also excited when the builder turned up on Saturday and moved my breakfast bar to become an […]

Resisting temptation

The eldest was having dinner with his dad last night and the youngest was wreaking havoc in the kitchen baking bread and cookies with her bestie … so I took myself off to IKEA – again – for some furniture browsing. Specifically I was checking out the rattan chairs and desks. I didn’t come home […]

Life flashing before my eyes

Elvis the carpenter is very good at doing the polite “customer is always right” thing while clearly thinking the customer is very wrong. He thinks I’m totally nuts for wanting the toilet door to be split rather than a single one opening outwards (there’s not enough room for a single door to open inwards). But […]

Things have changed

I thought it was time I gave you a renovation update. It won’t take me long because NOT MUCH HAS HAPPENED. Well, nothing that really makes you go WOW! Progress! I have louvres in the laundry: I have lots of new architraves, but I won’t bore you with pics of those. I’ve decided against Tranquil Dawn […]

I threw it away

I’ve been feeling really happy over the past few months. Actually, happy isn’t the right word. I’ve been feeling very content. I’m happy too, but I think the contentment is the important piece of the puzzle. I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m wondering if it’s a sign that the hormonal storm of the […]

Picture this

Picture this … There’s a plumber in my powder room fixing the dodgy piping; there’s a builder on my deck assembling a bathroom cabinet; there’s another builder in the laundry measuring up the shower screen glass; two blokes stagger through the front door with my new velvet sofa; and my friend Mel arrives to do […]

Go for it!

It was the builder’s turn to send ME a photo yesterday. Fortunately he meant to do it. It was a pic of a piece of benchtop in his storeroom that he thought might do the trick in my laundry. I’m so desperate for the renovation to end that I’d probably accept a piece of masonite […]

All the secrets

All the secrets are coming out today … well, a few teeny weeny ones. Former weekly magazine editors tend to embellish … OK … DD’s first name is David. Gasp. My builder’s first name is Daniel. Both names start with “Da” and because I’m long and short sighted I accidentally texted the builder a pic of […]

I hope it wasn’t a mistake

I bought my first-ever new sofa in my lunch break yesterday. At age 52. Took me a while. And, blimey, I didn’t opt for something safe. I went for a green velvet one: The youngest is HORRIFIED. She hates it. I hope I haven’t made a terrible mistake. Most sofa places have a three-month wait, […]