Things have changed

I thought it was time I gave you a renovation update. It won’t take me long because NOT MUCH HAS HAPPENED.

Well, nothing that really makes you go WOW! Progress!

I have louvres in the laundry:

I have lots of new architraves, but I won’t bore you with pics of those.

I’ve decided against Tranquil Dawn for the living room walls. I’m currently leaning towards Hog Bristle Half. It goes quite well with the new sofa:

I’ve bought some bargain-priced kitchen island rattan pendants from Bunnings:

I also bought a pet bed for the lounge at Kmart:

But the dogs seem to prefer sleeping on my lovely new cushions, dammit:

A bloke is coming over today to measure up my new benchtops … I’m replacing the laminex with man-made stone, very exciting! The breakfast bar is also being swung around to be parallel to the other benchtop. My job last night was to unpack everything in it … joy.

Once the new benchtops are installed, the plumbing can be connected and I can start doing washing again. Woo hoo!

And I’m about to put a heap of redundant stuff on Gumtree to help pay for it all.

I’m sure it will have been worth it once it’s done, but it currently feels like it will never be done.

Much like getting a dog, I would advise against living in a house during a renovation. Both involve way too much hassle and mess, even when they’re as small as mine.

Stay tuned for further updates that will reaffirm this …

Song of the day: Ben Lee “We’re all in this together”

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