Gimme some hard drive, honey

Much as I appreciate the slim, sexy iPad Husband gave me for Christmas, I’m a big, fat hard drive (and monitor) girl at heart. My hard drive isn’tsmarter trot asmy iPad. See, this is what I’m talking about. That was supposed to say “isn’t as smart as my iPad”, but my iPad assumes what I’m […]

Relax don’t do it

The thing I hate most about being an adult is all the bloody responsibility. House, car, bills, food, cleaning, washing, kids, work. In darker times, I  fantasised about being hospitalized with nervous exhaustion so I could be totally without responsibility, even for my own actions. And get lots of bed rest. Yes, yes, I know it wouldn’t […]

Crafty Sunday with cheat’s sausage rolls

Husband and the Sprogs cracked out the Play-Doh this morning. They made these amazing creations (above). I cracked out the ready-made puff pastry this evening. I made these delicious creations (below). Everyone in the Household’s pretty stoked with their efforts. Cheat’s sausage rolls INGREDIENTS: Tray of chevap skin-less sausages (Woolies and Coles stock them); three sheets of puff pastry; beaten egg. […]

Cut the crap

I’m not an all-organic, sugar-free food nazi. My kids eat junk. They have hot chips occasionally. They have lemonade at yum cha (sometimes it’s even pink). I make muffins and biscuits for their morning tea. They ate donuts at the school disco last night. But there’s something I’ll never understand – why kids’ sporting events have shops selling soft drinks, chips, pies […]

My scary attic

I was in the attic on Monday night, searching for the photo of me with Stripper Santa. I got  really freaked out. My panic initially revolved around where the effing hell the Stripper Santa photo had gone. Are you one of those people that if they lose something are incapable of thinking or doing anything […]

I miss the spack-fill and the blow-dries

When I was a magazine editor, many hours were spent getting me camera-ready. A stylist provided designer clothes, a make-up artist spack-filled and blow-dried me to perfection, then a photographer took endless photos until I was happy. This was an arduous process. But, as I was the editor, everyone had to suck it up. Click, click, click, click … Now I’m […]