Hopping mad

I tried to do my Easter shopping yesterday. The selection sucked. Big time. No wonder retail is in the toilet. It’s only 44 days until the Bunny comes, focus people! Obsessive nutters – I mean highly organised people like me – need to be prepared. (I’m doing Sprog 2’s birthday goody bags today, only 22 days to party time, deep breaths …) We don’t do last-minute scrambles. This year I’m on a mission to make Easter low on chocolate/candy, but high on delight. I want cute bunny/chick/bilby stuff that’s non-edible. All Kmart had were a few measly bags of eggs. Seriously. Guys. Come on. Though I did score a pair of flannelette bunny pyjamas for $9 (must have been sewn by enslaved Nubians at that price, felt a bit unclean buying them, but got them nonetheless). David Jones’ Easter chocolate selection was impressive, plus they had a few cute bunny books on display, which inspired me to search fruitlessly for some sort of “Killer Bunnies From Mars” book for Sprog 1. But their cute non-edible Easter selection was pathetic. The $2 shops let me down too, just bland bunny ears and a limited supply of pastel tat. Across the board, the stuffed bunny selection was seriously underwhelming. I NEED stuffed bunnies. NEED. They’re the piece de resistance. Sprog 1 likes her books bloody, but her sleeping companions cuddly (eight-year-old girls are a mass of contradictions). And Sprog 2 is a plush toy addict, always desperate for her next fix. After extensive internet searching, two bunnies are now winging their way from Los Angeles: Plumpee White Bunny Rabbit (above) for Sprog 1 and Powder Puff Pet Carrier for Sprog 2 (below). Sweet, huh? Just don’t ask me about the postage costs. Next search – bunny slippers (Nonna’s non-edible easter largesse). Probably need to order them from Mongolia so I’d better get moving.

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