Love stinks

I’ve been battling writer’s block recently. DD was startled to wake on Sunday morning and discover I hadn’t blogged yet – he’s become accustomed to there being a new HouseGoesHome post by 7am, regular as clockwork, 365 days a year. But inspiration just wouldn’t come. He’d suggested the night before that I write about my […]

Two “burns” I’ll never forget

I have a terrible memory. Terrible. Whole swathes of people and events have been erased. How do you erase people? Especially ones who remember you, by name? I manage it somehow. It occurred to me this morning at the gym – I get some of my best thinking done while holding a heavy bar above […]

Something’s missing in my life

A lovely electronic friend asked me how I was yesterday. She was worried about me being lonely without my kids and wanted to know if I was missing them. She wrote: “They can be a bastard like that – drive you nuts when they are there, then break your heart when they’re not!” I replied: […]

We need to talk

When I tell people I’m dating someone who doesn’t talk much they start to giggle. They remark that it shouldn’t be a problem because I talk enough for two people. I think I’m getting a reputation. I’m not used to dating someone who doesn’t talk much. Journalists can talk underwater. Put them together at a […]

What matters in life to me

One of my all-time favourite bloggers, Pinky Poinker, wrote a post last year called On My Deathbed. She pondered what life’s really about and asked the curly question “What matters to YOU in life?” I felt a bit spooked after reading it. A few hours earlier I’d wailed on my blog: “I don’t know what I […]

Why am I still married?

It’s been more than 18 months since my husband walked out, yet the “divorce” word has never been mentioned. I think we’re both too scared by the enormity of it. Divorce is a word that should never be tossed around lightly. It’s a horrible thing, best avoided. But I’ve been wondering a lot lately about […]

The National Skipping Championships lowdown

My ex sent a message yesterday afternoon with the youngest’s final results at the National Skipping Championships at the AIS in Canberra. It said that she’d won “zip, zero nothing” but “still has a smile on her face.” And I’m so happy with that. I saw some very teary girls who struck out at the […]

Celebs get sweaty at Emmys 2015

The 67th Primetime Emmy Awards are on right now and the stars are melting on the red carpet. The temperature has soared to 41C in Los Angeles, causing Nick Jonas’ ex, model Olivia Culpo, to collapse. “When u almost pass out on LIVE TV!” the model, 23, tweeted after the incident, together with a picture […]

We made a wonky Tardis cake!

I wonder if making a Tardis cake together is a good test of a relationship? If it is … DD and I are doing pretty well. We kept our cools and created a wibbly, wobbly “masterpiece” (don’t look too closely at the Frankensteiny bits, I need to watch a few fondant tutorials before I attempt […]