Love stinks


I’ve been battling writer’s block recently.

DD was startled to wake on Sunday morning and discover I hadn’t blogged yet – he’s become accustomed to there being a new HouseGoesHome post by 7am, regular as clockwork, 365 days a year.

But inspiration just wouldn’t come.

He’d suggested the night before that I write about my garlic breath.

He was VERY unhappy about me eating garlic dip twice last week without him. He’s a stickler for the rule that you only eat garlic if your partner is partaking too.

I reeked when I saw him on Friday after having a Lebanese feast with my friend Suze on Thursday. But he didn’t tell me until Saturday, after I backed up from another Lebanese feast with my sister and her bloke. He said the fresh garlic breath on Saturday night wasn’t as bad as the stale garlic breath on Friday.

I’m paranoid about being smelly, so I was a bit traumatised to receive the belated news.

At 9am on Sunday he sent a text saying: “Garlic theme didn’t work for you?”

I replied: “Was having trouble spinning out ‘boyfriend says I stink’ into a whole blog.”

Although ironically I seem to be having no trouble doing it now …

But that’s not what this blog post was supposed to be about.

It was about how I’m suffering from a spot of writer’s block.

So I’m having mini break.

This is my last blog post until next Monday. I’m going to spend the last week of the school holidays having some quality time with my divine daughters. It was sooooooo lovely to give them goodnight cuddles last night!

I’ll still be Instagramming, so you can follow my adventures there, if you fancy.

Otherwise, have a lovely week and I’ll see you soon!


Song of the day: J Geils Band “Love stinks”





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  1. I am very sensitive to this, particularly garlic and also onion-breathe! I especially remember an incident many years ago, getting up in the very early morning after my then wife came home from a garlicky night out with her friends, and sleeping on the couch because our bedroom reeked so badly of garlic. I literally couldn’t sleep!

    I have followed DD’s rule myself, in the past. If an (intimate) dinner partner ordered a garlic flavored meal, I would also. If a meal arrived unexpectedly with garlic, a couple of mouths full of the partner’s meal would do the trick. I never wanted to sleep on the couch again because of garlic breathe!

    With many years in sales roles, a most unpleasant aspect was sitting opposite a customer who stank of garlic, onion, cigarettes, alcohol (from the night before is particularly foul!) or body odour. I’ve had them all, but garlic is the worst!

    Enjoy the time with your girls! 😄👍

  2. Looking forward to seeing you back blogging again but in the meantime have a ball with your children. They grow up so quickly so don’t be like me and spend time later on regretting not spending more time with them when they were growing up xox

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