When things don’t go according to plan

I like things done a certain way.

It can be deeply infuriating for people who prefer to go with the flow.

I’m getting better with being spur of the moment, but it still does my head in a bit.

I’d rather know – five weeks in advance – what I’ll be doing at 3pm on Sunday.

So yesterday was a bit challenging.

I started the day with an empty slate. Lots of boring stuff like cleaning out the car and mopping dirty dog footprints.

That got tired real quick, so I headed to Kmart for some cheap and dirty retail therapy.

Sure enough, the moment I walk through the door I got a call from DD inviting me to a BBQ starting in 30 minutes time.

Deep breaths.

“That sounds great. I’ll just need to go home and get changed out of my gym clothes …”

He told me gym clothes were fine … but it was with his mum and brother and sister and other extended family and it was at Clontarf … on not the most balmy of days …

So I wound up my cheap and dirty shop – fortunately with a pair of size 10 women’s biker boots for the eldest to wear to her year 6 formal … hope they’re not too small … bolted home and changed into more suitable attire, then hit the road.


It was lovely to chat with DD’s family, especially his youngest daughter, who is heading overseas for four months with her mum. Lucky duck (well, aside from the extra suitcase of homework she has to take)!

On my way home, I stopped at Woolies and bought the makings of chilli con carne for dinner, thinking the leftovers would make good nachos for the kids when they get home tonight.

I pulled on my jammies and was breaking up the mince in the pan when I got a text from my ex announcing that they were home early and would I like to come over for some wine and Doctor Who.

Deeps breaths.

“That sounds great. I’ll just need to change out of my jammies and finish making chilli con carne …”


And suddenly a day that started out empty ended incredibly full.

While that messes with my desire for precision planning, it was actually quite lovely.

Weird at times, if I thought about it too deeply, but generally lovely.

Are you a planner or the spur-of-the-moment type? 

Song of the day: Blonde “Call me”




2 thoughts on “When things don’t go according to plan

Add yours

  1. Planning? How do you do THAT?
    Definitely spur of the moment! In fact, lunch yesterday was spur of the moment and I even managed to find four spur of the moment friends to share with! 😄👍

  2. Definitely a planner. I’m not great at spontaneous. But when I do get spontaneous it give me a little thrill to know that I can break my rules occasionally.

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