Not what I expected

Last night was single mum hellish … with a side of corn chips … I grabbed the eldest from rock climbing at 6pm, raced home, flung some sushi on plates for the kids and bolted out the door to a work function, promising I’d be home again within two hours. I thought the work function […]

Oh no they said yes

I’m going to a Radiator Hospital gig on Friday night. Yay. I called the Chippo Hotel and a nice woman called Betty told me that as long as I supervise the teenagers – the eldest is taking their mate Bill – at all times they’re allowed into the concert. The eldest was beyond stoked when […]

Telling tales

As we huddle around the island bench eating dinner, I regale/bore the kiddos with tales of my youth … and it’s come back to bite me. The eldest has expressed a strong desire to see a band called Hospital Pass … or something … let me check with my mate Google … ah, Radiator Hospital […]

Please shut up

I went out with two lovely former colleagues last night. We haven’t had a good chinwag for years. There was A LOT of catching up to do. But, as is my way, I snatched more than my fair share of air time. They know far more about what’s been happening in my life than I […]

They must be joking

I’ve been super sensitive over the past few days – I’m blaming it on the dust storm that swept through Sydney. It put the youngest in bed for a day, coughing and sneezing. It just put me in a weird mood. As a result, what should have been a fun weekend was not quite right. […]

Not a wise move

Remember a movie called Risky Business? It’s the Tom Cruise classic featuring the iconic scene where he slides across the hallway in his socks and undies, lip syncing to “Old Time Rock & Roll”. Until last night, that was the only part of the movie I remembered. Anyways, the youngest wanted to watch tellie with […]

Feeling like an imposter

I’ve been a parent for almost 15 years now, but I still feel like an imposter. I’ve come a long way. I panicked when I had my first baby. I felt completely inadequate – I knew how to run a weekly magazine and direct a staff of 35, but caring for an infant was terrifying. […]

It’s stopped ticking

Three years ago I terrified DD by announcing my womb was the size of a 16-week pregnancy. There was deathly silence on the other end of the phone. It was a bit mean to scare a 52-year-old father of four like that – he wasn’t going to be a daddy again, it was a fibroid […]

I did my duty

That’s a Whovian reference in the heading … poor Yvonne and her oily Cyber tears … Fortunately, I didn’t do my (jury) duty yesterday … unless you count twiddling my thumbs in the arrivals hall for endless boring hours. Should you ever be called up for jury duty, I strongly recommend taking a good book or […]

Escaping your past

Most Friday and Saturday nights of my youth were spent dancing, as Kevin Bacon would say, my ass off. Gunfighter’s Rest and The Crazy Horse were my usual haunts. It was the bulkest of fun. These days, my dancing is restricted to the (very) occasional party. But I went to a bar on Friday night […]