Not what I expected

Last night was single mum hellish ... with a side of corn chips ... I grabbed the eldest from rock climbing at 6pm, raced home, flung some sushi on plates for the kids and bolted out the door to a work function, promising I'd be home again within two hours. I thought the work function... Continue Reading →

Oh no they said yes

I'm going to a Radiator Hospital gig on Friday night. Yay. I called the Chippo Hotel and a nice woman called Betty told me that as long as I supervise the teenagers - the eldest is taking their mate Bill - at all times they're allowed into the concert. The eldest was beyond stoked when... Continue Reading →

I did my duty

That's a Whovian reference in the heading ... poor Yvonne and her oily Cyber tears ... Fortunately, I didn't do my (jury) duty yesterday ... unless you count twiddling my thumbs in the arrivals hall for endless boring hours. Should you ever be called up for jury duty, I strongly recommend taking a good book or... Continue Reading →

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