Bedroom secrets

Finally, another jooshing reveal ... or "zhuzhing" as a friend insists it's spelled. Sounds more like a Chinese city to me ... And this time it's the master bedroom. Ooo-er! Let me show you around ... I went a little crazy over Morocco many moons ago ... bought the Lonely Planet guide, invested in exotic... Continue Reading →


I was planning on blogging something deep and meaningful today - well, as deep and meaningful as you can get with Doctor Who references - but yesterday was kinda full on and I just don't have it in me. Tomorrow, I promise. Anyways ... yesterday I went to IKEA for the 500th time while Husband... Continue Reading →

Heavy stuff

We can carry it, she said. It's not that heavy, she said. It's only 1.3km, she said ... OK, she didn't say the last bit, I Googled it afterwards. I'm down to the last days of the schmick-a-thon for the house sale. I needed an outdoor setting for the deck because mine had rotted and... Continue Reading →

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