The first and the last

Deep breaths … we have our first open house this morning. The auction signboard went up yesterday. I sent Husband a pic and he texted back “looks good”. I cried. Just for a change. I could really do with some lessons from him on being unemotional. He’s a champion at it. As for the “last” […]

Well that was … awkward

Husband stripped to his jocks and socks in our living room yesterday. Then things got kinda … awkward. Not because – like a friend warned me last week –  “He might even be thinking ‘hey, maybe I get ex-sex’.” That’s a loooooooong way from his mind. I’d asked him to paint a wall prior to […]

Bedroom secrets

Finally, another jooshing reveal … or “zhuzhing” as a friend insists it’s spelled. Sounds more like a Chinese city to me … And this time it’s the master bedroom. Ooo-er! Let me show you around … I went a little crazy over Morocco many moons ago … bought the Lonely Planet guide, invested in exotic […]

Who was your first crush?

Technically mine was the cowboy from The Village People … but I was pre-pubescent and slightly clueless then. THIS was my REAL first crush: Neil Finn. Oh my giddy aunt did I think he was hawt. You can keep your Simon Le Bons and your Rick Astleys. And it’s Neil’s birthday today, so I’m breaking […]

I wish we’d turned left

I was offered a job overseas last week. If the opportunity had come a year ago, it could have changed everything. There’s an episode of Doctor Who called “Turn Left”. The Doctor’s companion, Donna, goes back in time to the moment she made the choice that led to meeting him: turning left at an intersection. […]


I was planning on blogging something deep and meaningful today – well, as deep and meaningful as you can get with Doctor Who references – but yesterday was kinda full on and I just don’t have it in me. Tomorrow, I promise. Anyways … yesterday I went to IKEA for the 500th time while Husband […]

Heavy stuff

We can carry it, she said. It’s not that heavy, she said. It’s only 1.3km, she said … OK, she didn’t say the last bit, I Googled it afterwards. I’m down to the last days of the schmick-a-thon for the house sale. I needed an outdoor setting for the deck because mine had rotted and […]