The first and the last

Deep breaths … we have our first open house this morning. The auction signboard went up yesterday. I sent Husband a pic and he texted back “looks good”.

I cried.

Just for a change.

I could really do with some lessons from him on being unemotional. He’s a champion at it.

As for the “last” bit of the blog heading, here’s my final room reveal: the youngest’s bedroom.


The centrepiece of the room is the bedhead. I’ve become completely obsessed with all the swirly cane stuff from The Family Love Tree. I was driving past a local homewares store when I saw they were selling cheap rip-offs, so I picked up the bedhead and bedside table.

She chosen the bedspread herself from Target many moons ago. And I bought a pile of hot pink tutus on eBay from Hong Kong that I stapled around the base as a valance.


Here’s an arty close up of the bedside table. The bunny is a night light. The lamp is a cheap IKEA number. She got the letter “A” as a gift from one of her school friends at her ice skating party.


The art on the wall is by Husband’s and my favourite photographer, Narelle Autio. I think Husband gave it to me for Mother’s Day one year, so hopefully that means I get to keep it in the property split.


Finally, the IKEA wardrobe. I bought it while Husband and the kids were out of town. I knew Husband would have a (pink) fit if I suggested he build it, so I cobbled it together myself in their absence to avoid any conflict (the story of my life over the last three years).

The youngest is THE hardest person to buy for, so I got her the ukelele as a birthday gift. It hit the spot – she loves anything brightly coloured and “cool”.

And the stuffed penguin was won at vast expense in sideshow alley at The Easter Show.

So that’s it.

All that’s left is to find a buyer for my home of the last seven years. And to find a new one. And to get this new life of mine properly started.

Song of the day: Wendy Matthews “The Day You Went Away”






8 thoughts on “The first and the last

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  1. I love that song! All the best for a successful open house and a quick process. Oh and BTW- you’re stronger than you realise ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good luck Alana! Got some bread baking in the oven? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Oh, and I love Wendy Matthews…!

  3. That Wendy Matthews’ song always cracks me up – the slow piano, the poignant lyrics and Matthews’ soulful voice… *wiping away a tear*

    Your youngest’s room is enchanting and so will her new one be. ๐Ÿ™‚

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