Exchanging war stories

I’ve mentioned my teeny tiny world before … like the time I ran up the back of a school dad’s car on the Sydney Harbour Bridge … And it just keeps contracting. I met a lovely fellow blogger last night called Alex. You can find her at Alexcellent. We’ve been chatting via HouseGoesHome’s comment section […]

More wedding bliss

I was a bit too overwhelmed yesterday to express myself properly. Sooooo not like me. But it’s a lot to take in: my sister getting married again. I mean, I knew her “housewarming” was actually a surprise wedding. I’d even had a preview of her amazing gown. But to actually watch it unfold and see […]

My week: a surprise wedding

I am very, very bad at keeping secrets. But there’s been a biggie loitering behind the scenes. A wedding. My sister drew family and a few friends together for a “housewarming” last night that was actually her nuptials. And it was so lovely. Here are a couple pics of the happy couple … Don’t they […]

Friday night ball skills

Friday night … it evokes images of after-work drinks at the pub … dinner with friends … going on a date … Except when you’re a single mum with two kids playing in the local netball comp. Then Friday night is fingernail clipping and ponytail tying and cutting up half-time oranges and trying to find […]

6 ways to turn leftovers into risotto

I hate waste. It probably has something (a lot) to do with spending every school holidays with my grandparents, who carefully rinsed and dried all their plastic bags to reuse, limited everyone to three squares of toilet paper and doggedly ate shrivelled fruit and veggies waaaaaay past their prime. Oh, and being forced to finish […]

Birthday “revenge”

It’s my ex-husband’s birthday today. OK, technically he’s still my husband. Should I just call him my “ex”? Add that to the ever-growing pile of uncertain rules of separation. Even though it’s our second birthday spent apart, we’re both a bit lairy about how to handle the celebrations. When we were together, we’d go out […]

Hostess with the mostess

“I don’t know how you come up with something to say every single day on the blog,” a friend said last night as we sat on her couch drinking mango-infused vodka. (Mango-infused vodka really is the most remarkable thing: you slice up a fresh mango and put it in a jug in the fridge, covered […]

The pool party – photo fun

There was a moment halfway through the youngest’s 9th birthday party that my ex and I stared at each other in terror and wondered how the hell we were going to keep 12 sugared-up tweens occupied for another 90 minutes. But suddenly it was 4.30pm and pool cake time and soon after the mums and […]