Now here’s a freaky milestone

I love my Facebook newsfeed. I’ve “liked” all manner of sites – from the cute to the crazy to the thoughtful – so trawling through it each day is a fascinating treasure trove. Yesterday, a story called 8 Things My Very Tall Daughter Can Expect popped into my feed. It caught my eye because I […]

It’s running through my fingers

Where has the year gone? First term at school has galloped past. I’ve been living in my new house for two months, but I’m still not unpacked. The past two days have been spent trapped at home with the youngest, coughing her lungs up on the couch. You’d think I’d have made some progress on […]

When things get heavy

I have a looooooong history with this sort of palaver. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson. But no, the heavy stuff remains a common thread in my life. Generally, it’s emotional burdens I carry. Geez they drag me down sometimes. But I’ve become a heat-seeking missile for the physical ones too. It’s the youngest’s birthday […]

The birthday grinch

I was soooooo grumpy yesterday. Completely the wrong mood for celebrating my birthday. It didn’t help that I started work at the crack of dawn and went like the clappers until bolting to school pick-up. I was so frantic I completely forgot I’d left my car parked in a one-hour zone around the corner from […]

Birthday bubbles and bliss

I’m 47 today. Forty farking seven! Geez that sounds old. And it felt old as I struggled out of bed before dawn for a 7am start at work. Last night was the official launch of the Festival of The Birthday, held at O Bar. It’s a revolving restaurant on the 47th floor of a building […]

I’m installing a trapeze … above the bed

Now that I have your attention … I’ve probably given you a very vivid image of a naked Pamela Anderson-style set-up … (Actually, I’ve just Googled “Pamela Anderson trapeze” and it was a vibrating bed, stripper pole and white shag carpeting she had installed in her Airsteam … I was SURE it was a trapeze.) And […]

My week: rules of separation

I split 300 rolls – and my finger – with a bread knife yesterday while helping prep for the family fun night at the kids’ school. My elderly hands were soooooooo cramped by the time I finished. (The organisers, bless them, thought I’d separated enough sausages for one school volunteer lifetime.) It was weirdly enjoyable […]

More pricks (and my famous beef cheeks)

I’m a bit delirious … My body has gone all reverse daylight savings on me. The darker it gets in the mornings, the earlier I wake up. What’s THAT all about? It’s not good preparation for the festival of the birthdays that kicks off tomorrow for myself and the youngest. (I am soooo looking forward […]

I wish I hadn’t done that

I really don’t need more stress in my life, but sometimes it feels like I court it. The eldest has become obsessed with drawing wounds on herself. She’s getting pretty awesome at it. I’ve suggested she consider a career as a special effects make-up artist. It’s amazing what a kid can do with a red […]

Do you want to hurt her that much?

I choked up yesterday as I read a blog post by Jenny Kanevsky called Why You Don’t Need To Say ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore.’ It included heart-wrenching lines like: “I don’t know how long my ex was thinking, ‘I’m done, I want a divorce.’ He never talked to me about it. How long was he […]