I’m installing a trapeze … above the bed


Now that I have your attention … I’ve probably given you a very vivid image of a naked Pamela Anderson-style set-up …

(Actually, I’ve just Googled “Pamela Anderson trapeze” and it was a vibrating bed, stripper pole and white shag carpeting she had installed in her Airsteam … I was SURE it was a trapeze.)

And despite turning 47 tomorrow (someone get me a paper bag, I’m having trouble breathing), it’s not THIS sort of trapeze …


What I’m actually doing is installing a trapeze above the youngest’s bed. She’s a gynmastics freak and is jazzed by the idea of hanging upside down in her bedroom.


We bought it at Bunnings on the weekend as her birthday present. She wanted a red one, but I suggested yellow to match her bedspread. Wouldn’t want your bedspread and trapeze clashing.

When I asked DD if he thought the bedroom trapeze was a dangerous idea for a nine-year-old, he wanted to know if it was a rhetorical question.

But she has a mattress below it … doesn’t that provide a soft landing?

I haven’t mentioned it to the ex. He vetoed an electric scooter as a birthday present because it was too dangerous. I’d hate to think what he’d say about a trapeze above the bed. He thinks we’re getting her a netball hoop (and was fretting about how to make sure IT was safe … sheesh).

Have I just failed Parenting 101?

Song of the day: Diana Ross “Upside down”

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