My week: rules of separation

I split 300 rolls – and my finger – with a bread knife yesterday while helping prep for the family fun night at the kids’ school. My elderly hands were soooooooo cramped by the time I finished.

(The organisers, bless them, thought I’d separated enough sausages for one school volunteer lifetime.)

It was weirdly enjoyable though, despite all my moaning. Familiar faces kept sticking their heads in the canteen window for a chat or exchanging quips on their way to the freezer with bags of ice.


It felt nice to belong.

I’m a bit hooked on the community thing – it’s a buzz.

I was down at the local netball courts on Friday night shooting the breeze with some of the school mums and dads and we cooked up a plan to have dinner at the pub together between the younger and older siblings’ matches every week.

Bring it on!

On the other hand, I got a bit wobbly about NOT belonging when the kids headed off to their cousins’ up north last night. I was fine until the youngest said: “Why can’t you come too, Mum?”

I stared at her for a looooong moment, debating how to answer, then said: “Why do you think?”

She had no idea. And it occurred to me she probably still doesn’t understand the rules of marriage separation, despite it being a year down the track.

There are many things I could have said to her at that point, but I just went with: “I’ve got lots of things I need to do in Sydney. But you say hi to everyone for me, ok?”

And I smiled and waved madly as they drove off.

Later last night, my ex sent me a phone message that brought me undone. He told me my surviving chook is mothering 11 chicks at the cousin’s place.

Henny Penny with one of her new chicks - isn't she gorgeous?

Henny Penny with one of her new chicks – isn’t she gorgeous?

Henny Penny lost every chick she mothered at my place, either through the fox attack or them growing up into roosters. To hear that she has 11 new babies made me blubber.

Yep, I was sobbing over a chicken.

As for the last week, here’s what went down:

At HouseGoesHome …


>> I kicked off the week with 10 Yummy Pasta Recipes.

>> On Monday, I wrote a post about how I spent International Women’s Day (in jail) and how the celebs celebrated, with a post called So Many Awesome Women.

>> On Tuesday I wrote about The (working mum’s) Dream I’m Hoping Comes True and how disappointed I was with the female CEO who said: “I don’t agree with the union push at the moment that women coming back to work automatically should be allowed to come back part-time. It’s an idealistic and anti-commercial stance, in my opinion.” One of my Facebook commenters said: “Was this from the Onion? Can hardly tell any more.”

>> On Wednesday I was a bit obsessed with – among other things – a Queensland company that’s making pools out of shipping containers.

>> Thursday was all about heartbreak.

>> On Friday I scared the bejesus out of my ex by sending him a pic of the very realistic wound my eldest daughter had drawn on her hand, in a blog called I Wish I Hadn’t Done That.

>> And on Saturday I got all blathery about not being able to say no and managed to weave a beef cheek recipe into it.

Over at Kidspot …

>> Hilary Duff throws the best baby shower ever >>

>> Watching this shocking video prompted Alana House to share what happened when a stranger told her what her nanny had done >>

>> These lemon tuna patties are a great way to use up leftover mashed potato! Full recipe here:

>> First the “Brelfie” now the “Smelfie”. Does the world really need this?

>> Did this toddler’s mum reach out from the grave to save her?

>> Our hearts melted when we saw what these movie-star superheroes did for sick kids over the weekend >>

>> You won’t BELIEVE the ridiculous explanation a sportswear company offered for its sexist washing instruction label >> (it was quite the eye-opener for me how many women on Facebook thought it was totally fine, hilarious in fact)

How was your week?

Song of the day: Donna Summer “Love to love you baby”


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