I’ll tell you why … I don’t like Mondays (after weekends away)

What's relaxing about a weekend away? You pack like a whirling dervish. You drive like a bat out of hell to get there. You take sleeping tablets and earplugs to combat foreign sleeping conditions. You get stuck in traffic jams driving back. You arrive home late on a Sunday night and NOTHING has been done. No washing, no cleaning,... Continue Reading →

Seeing red

I inserted myself into a conversation in the playground yesterday about five-year-olds wearing make-up. Two mums were discussing whether to boycott a make-up class at their local dance studio. The class is designed to teach them how to correctly apply make-up to their children's faces. The mums were, naturally, disturbed by this concept. It's end-of-year dance concert season, so tarting up... Continue Reading →

Don’t want no short people

My biological clock has officially stopped ticking. I've ceased looking at infants and pondering whether to have another one. I won't/wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't do it again (oooh, that makes me feel all Dr Seussy). I don't care how little and cute they are. I think the screaming put the final kybosh on it. Not ickle wickle bubby wubby screaming. It's the terrible twos and threes that finished me. All that howling... Continue Reading →

My teenaged angst

I am fretting - a little prematurely, I'll grant you - about having teenaged daughters. It's only five years away and I'm getting nervous. Teenaged girls seem to be a handful, from what I've witnessed at Luna Park, local shopping centres, canteen duty and social gatherings. For a start, they wear way too much make-up and not nearly enough clothes for my liking.... Continue Reading →

In the olden days …

Topic of conversation among the canteen mums yesterday: first memories. Not the eating slugs kind, significant world events. "I remember Robert Kennedy being assassinated," said one. "I remember the Vietnam War ending," said another. "Man walking on the moon," said a third. "Bay of Pigs," said a fourth. I found this weird on several levels.... Continue Reading →

Pleasure and pain

I saw dolphins bodysurfing yesterday. I called to Husband and the Sprogs and we gathered to watch them frolic on the waves. I saw bluebottles too, scattered on the water's edge. I kicked sand over them, hoping the Sprogs wouldn't notice. Sprog 2 is terrified of bluebottles. One wrapped around her thigh in January and she screamed for hours.... Continue Reading →

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