The time bandits

There is no time. How can there be no time? I don’t work anymore. There should be plenty of time. I want to hyperventilate when I think about the crazy week ahead of me. Today, I’m on canteen duty until 2.30pm, then I’ll pick the kids up at 3pm. Sprog 2 has dance class at 3.45pm. Sprog 1 has dance class at 4.30pm. Tomorrow, I’m doing reading with Sprog 2’s class from 9am to 10am; then reading with Sprog 1’s class from 10am to 11am. At 2pm I’m going for a walk with some school mums. At 3pm, I’m picking up the Sprogs and a friend of Sprog 2’s for a playdate at our place. But first I need to drop Sprog 1 at her 3.30pm art class. Then I need to pick her up again at 5.30pm (dropping off Sprog 2’s friend on the way). At 7.30pm, a school mum has invited me over for dinner. Wednesday is Relationship Rehab Day with Husband, we’re thinking about a movie and lunch (tough life, I know). On Thursday, I’m heading west for a cup of tea with a friend. She’s spotted some skull necklaces she thinks Sprog 1 might like over her way. Thursday afternoon is Sprog 2’s class performance at school assembly. At 3pm, I pick the Sprogs and their cousin up from school. Their cousin is having a sleepover. On Friday, I’ve been invited to a school mums’ morning tea, then lunch with an old workmate in Surry Hills, a playdate after school at a friend of Sprog 2’s house, and barefoot bowls at 5.30pm with some school families. I may have over-committed myself slightly. I’m considering Rescue Remedy to cope. Or perhaps Valium (if I had time to see a doctor). I get to the end of each day and I feel like I’ve failed somehow, because my to-do list keeps growing rather than shrinking. I wake up each morning with this vice of anxiety tightening around my chest. When I open my eyes I see all these packing boxes sitting in the bedroom, taunting me. It’s been months, they should be gone by now. And what happened to that movie script I wanted to write? I haven’t even signed up for the scriptwriting course I planned to do. There’s this funny smell under the kitchen sink. I’ve run out of chook food. So much for going to the gym every day. And keeping the Tupperware cupboard tidy. I was going to do so many things. But there’s just no time.

TONIGHT’S MENU: More lamb rack worship, I love that you just chuck it in the oven. Except this time I’m serving it with a side of Kylie Kwong’s fried eggplant and roasted tomatoes. Not quite sure how I’m going to squeeze that bit in …

One thought on “The time bandits

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  1. 1. i dont know how u cope with canteen…
    2. u do realise, u just wont EVER get it all done… b thankful u can stay on top of washing & folding & keeping stuff tidy round that (pls dont look at my house atm…)
    3. last summer term we did 4 sports… little athletics friday nite, nippers sunday morning, swimming lessons monday arvo, milo cricket tuesday arvo… recommend NEVER let them talk u in2 more than 2!!!
    4. i dont know how u cope with canteen!!!!!

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