What would you do?

The youngest and I were walking the dog yesterday morning when we stumbled across the most amazing/horrifying thing. We have form in this area (I See Dead Things), so I was a little worried about how the youngest would handle it, but she was merely curious. OK … as we were walking past a house […]

One of the good ones

The loveliest man house/pet sitted for me while I was away. His name is Glen. Glen was my senior writer when I edited Woman’s Day. He was the nicest, most loyal employee an editor could hope to have … best of all he also delivered amazing interviews every week for the mag. (The pic above […]

Australia Day celebrity style

Here’s a little Australia Day love … celebrity style (via Instagram, Twitter, WhoSay etc) … … Miranda Kerr: “Sending lots of love to all my fellow Australians! We’re so blessed with such a beautiful country!#happyaustraliaday” Natalie Bassingthwaite: “Hope u are all enjoying this brilliant day.. Happy Australia Day everyone mwah xx” Ariel Winter: The Modern […]

Ooops I did it again

I’m hopeless at sleeping at other people’s houses … All those strange noises and unfamiliar pillows and having to share a bed with a seven-year-old with really itchy eczema … So I decided to take a crude, over-the-counter elephant tranquilizer-style sleeping pill on the last night of my far north coast sojourn. Big mistake. Because […]

My new favourite thing

One of the many things Husband and I disagree upon is breakfast. He loves going to cafes, reading the newspaper and ordering big plates of eggs. Not really my thing. Not enough excitement in a brekkie menu for me … And egg overloads make me feel queasy. I’d rather hold off for yum cha. But […]

Our mini tree change

Look how gorgeous this place is … The Channon … We spent yesterday relaxing with our dear friends Simon & Bronwyn while the kids donned their cossies to chase each other in the rain and search for crystals in the creek. Meanwhile the grown-ups lounged on the verandah drinking tea, then gathered at the dining […]

There’s always a reason

I didn’t just pluck our holiday destination out of thin air. I booked with intent. And this is why … Three years ago Husband took the kids to Melbourne to visit their cousins and I had a bright idea – instead of flying back to Sydney, why not meet on the Gold Coast instead. I’d […]