Die die must-try – 6 Asian recipes to celebrate Chinese New Year

I still get slightly maudlin when I think about all the awesome food I'm missing since we moved back to Oz from Singapore: the amazing curries on banana leaves in Little India, the chicken rice on Maxwell Road, the roti prata, the chilli crab with steamed buns at East Coast Seafood, the char kway teow... Continue Reading →

Damn you, Neil Finn, you made me cry

Where do I begin? I want to get this right ... Do I start waaaaay back in 1980, as I sat watching Countdown and saw THIS and ABBA suddenly lost their magic for me ... (And simultaneously discovered ... at age 13 ... what hormones could do to a girl ...) Or do I fast... Continue Reading →

Australia Day celebrity style

Here's a little Australia Day love ... celebrity style (via Instagram, Twitter, WhoSay etc) ... ... Miranda Kerr: "Sending lots of love to all my fellow Australians! We're so blessed with such a beautiful country!#happyaustraliaday" Natalie Bassingthwaite: "Hope u are all enjoying this brilliant day.. Happy Australia Day everyone mwah xx" Ariel Winter: The Modern... Continue Reading →

Ooops I did it again

I'm hopeless at sleeping at other people's houses ... All those strange noises and unfamiliar pillows and having to share a bed with a seven-year-old with really itchy eczema ... So I decided to take a crude, over-the-counter elephant tranquilizer-style sleeping pill on the last night of my far north coast sojourn. Big mistake. Because... Continue Reading →

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