My new favourite thing


One of the many things Husband and I disagree upon is breakfast. He loves going to cafes, reading the newspaper and ordering big plates of eggs.

Not really my thing. Not enough excitement in a brekkie menu for me … And egg overloads make me feel queasy. I’d rather hold off for yum cha.

But we went somewhere yesterday that’s totally changed my mind.

WARNING: Food porn blather time …

Liliana’s at Possum Creek in the Byron Bay hinterland is a little piece of foodie heaven.

It’s a former schoolhouse that’s been turned into a gorgeous, airy restaurant.

Our mates from The Channon had booked us a table for the “breakfast degustation” and it was divine. The pics speak for themselves so I’ll let them do the rest of the talking.






4 thoughts on “My new favourite thing

  1. Probably dinner is my favorite as breakfast and lunch don’t amount to much. When I do have what my husband calls a real breakfast, I love it.

  2. Breakfast is our most common meal out. Usually around 10.30 on a Saturday. During the week it’s usually just cereal or toast but come Saturday…. There are a few great places to go out for breakfast here. One is so popular, you see people making a booking for the following weekend as they are paying their bill. Not going out this morning as I’m having a weekend at home.(i.e. self imposed no-spend weekend!). Off to make the kids pancakes.

  3. Aaaah, I’m with Husband! A Sunday Big Breakfast, anywhere, with two cappuccinos and read ALL of the Saturday Age, including Domain. Bliss!

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