Conscious bias

Just for something completely different ... life has been a bit full on this week. The eldest has been crook in bed - I hate to think how far their school attendance rate has plummeted - so I've been juggling medical appointments with work. I spent my lunch break on Wednesday  driving them to Douglass... Continue Reading →

So different

Sometimes I wonder if my kids make a deliberate effort to be such polar opposites. You wouldn’t pick them as siblings on their looks and you certainly wouldn’t on their likes. But I remind myself they’ve been this way since birth. For example, as soon as the eldest could crawl, they'd seek out books and... Continue Reading →

Fake news

It's so difficult to sort the fake news from the real stuff these days ... and I don't mean it in the delusional Trump sense of the word. It disturbs me that social media can so easily spread lies, with people taking them at face value. I overheard two women discussing why Labor lost the... Continue Reading →

I hope he’s loved

I was sitting in a CRM presentation yesterday when I saw the date on the computer screen and realised Oh! It's my wedding anniversary! Forgetting your wedding anniversary is no biggie when your husband walked out five years ago. But I couldn’t help doing the maths and noting it was our 19th wedding anniversary ...... Continue Reading →

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