I don’t want to go back

One of my co-workers turned 22 this week. So young! As we sat around eating birthday cake and chatting, someone said they wished they were 22 again. I shuddered. There is NO WAY I want to return to my 20s. I might like being 32 again, but 22, nah. I didn’t really come into my own […]

Our hearts were ready

I can’t get Blanche d’Alpuget’s words about loving Bob Hawke out of my mind. Have you seen the interview? Leigh Sales spoke to Blanche last week and I found it incredibly moving. Blanche and Bob had an affair in 1978 … while he was still married to Hazel … let’s just gloss over that bit […]

Seeing the light

DD is about to disappear overseas for most of the next three weeks. Sad face. So he took me on a farewell date to Vivid on Monday night. He normally goes to a group workout at the Warrior’s Muscle Beach on Monday nights. The gang was most put out when he ditched them for a […]

Not a total disaster

I was so busy telling you about the rat drama yesterday that I didn’t have time for the good stuff. My mental health day off on Friday wasn’t a complete disaster. After anxiously assuring my ex that Twitch was an unwelcome surprise to me too, I drove up to the Northern Beaches for some R&R. […]

The rat’s out of the bag

I got a text message from my ex on Friday morning, informing me he’d found a rat cage in the eldest’s bedroom. And that marked the premature end of my mental health day. The rat was out of the bag. More specifically, the eldest’s pet rat Twitch was no longer a secret. Let me rewind […]

Conscious bias

Just for something completely different … life has been a bit full on this week. The eldest has been crook in bed – I hate to think how far their school attendance rate has plummeted – so I’ve been juggling medical appointments with work. I spent my lunch break on Wednesday  driving them to Douglass […]

So different

Sometimes I wonder if my kids make a deliberate effort to be such polar opposites. You wouldn’t pick them as siblings on their looks and you certainly wouldn’t on their likes. But I remind myself they’ve been this way since birth. For example, as soon as the eldest could crawl, they’d seek out books and […]

Fake news

It’s so difficult to sort the fake news from the real stuff these days … and I don’t mean it in the delusional Trump sense of the word. It disturbs me that social media can so easily spread lies, with people taking them at face value. I overheard two women discussing why Labor lost the […]

I hope he’s loved

I was sitting in a CRM presentation yesterday when I saw the date on the computer screen and realised Oh! It’s my wedding anniversary! Forgetting your wedding anniversary is no biggie when your husband walked out five years ago. But I couldn’t help doing the maths and noting it was our 19th wedding anniversary … […]

Can’t take a joke

You know you’re getting sensitive about your age when … You think a comedian is making fun of you for being old … when he’s actually dissing you for being in love. I went to the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala on Saturday night with DD and a group of friends. DD unwittingly booked tickets that […]