Conscious bias

Just for something completely different … life has been a bit full on this week.

The eldest has been crook in bed – I hate to think how far their school attendance rate has plummeted – so I’ve been juggling medical appointments with work.

I spent my lunch break on Wednesday  driving them to Douglass Hanly Moir for a coeliac test.

Four of the eldest’s cousins have been diagnosed as coeliac, so the doctor felt it was best to get it checked out.

The youngest has already been tested for everything under the sun as we try to solve her allergy problems and she’s not coeliac at this point. They haven’t checked her for the gene though, so we’re not completely in the clear.

Yesterday, I spent two hours in a medical centre getting a doctor’s certificate so the eldest can sit the various exams they’ve missed.

Two. Freaking. Hours.

I tried to go to our regular doctor, but he was booked out and heading off on holidays. When we finally got into a consulting room at the medical centre, I looked at the doctor and thought, hello, this will be interesting.

He was a middle-aged odd-bod, wearing beige slacks and a very wide tie adorned with Disney characters.

But he completely obliterated my bias by being a kind, lovely man. He was so nice to the eldest and (unlike me) completely non-judgemental about my child having a safety pin in their ear, not showering for days (I later discovered they’d used my make-up wipes to freshen their armpits), wearing tracksuit pants with more holes than a cheese grater and a key tied to their Doc Marten boot.

The doctor couldn’t help asking about the key and was informed it’s the spare house key the eldest wears on their shoelace for emergencies, as you do.

He also questioned whether the eldest should be having another day off school to recover, but the eldest said they needed to complete an English assessement. Such dedication! (I later found out it’s actually because they’re dyeing their hair blonde with a friend after class.)

As the eldest and I walked out of the medical centre, we noted what a great doctor he was and I felt guilty for making assumptions based on his wide Disney tie.

We’d happily see him again in a heartbeat.

The teen’s medical hassles have been the tip of this week’s drama iceberg, which has left me thinking I really don’t like the cut of 2019’s jib.

It needs to up its game.

I’m a bit over it. so I’m contemplating having a mental health day off work, aka a day of annual leave.

I want to float in the sea and set my mind free from its stresses, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

As noted earlier this week, the water is still a gorgeous 22C, which is perfect for paddling. And it’s been a rather surprising average of 25C out of the water lately. Also perfect for paddling, but not such a good sign for global warming.

But life is pretty insane at the moment, so finding the time to take a step back – even if it’s just for a few hours – isn’t easy.

I’ll get there though.

Have a good weekend – catch you Monday.

Song of the day: Toni Basil “Micky”


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