It’s blog detox time

I'm handing the kids over to my ex at 5pm today for the school holidays. He got his weeks mixed up - he thought he was going away the first week, but it was actually the second week. Ah, the perils of middle-aged dating and co-ordinating two co-parenting calendars. By the time he realised his... Continue Reading →

What’s she trying to tell me?

I bought new pyjamas yesterday - boxer shorts with roses and frills and a matching red singlet. At the register, the shop assistant said: "Make sure you keep the receipt in case they're not the right size for her." I smiled politely and said thank you, but inside I was thinking: "What does she mean... Continue Reading →

Leave him alone

Saying mean things doesn't count if you do it on social media. Apparently. There can be no other explanation for the terrible comments I read on-line every day. I hate hurting people. I avoid verbal stoushes because I don't like the weaponry fired in the heat of the moment. Too many ugly words have been... Continue Reading →

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