Kids in the kitchen: pot pies and choc mousse cups

I asked the youngest what she wanted to do today and she said: “Cook! And go to Bunnings!”

The eldest was too sick to do anything other than lie hazily on the couch.

So the youngest and I cooked and went to Bunnings.

The youngest loooooooves Bunnings. She wore her Heely roller sneakers so she could glide along the aisles. We examined play equipment for her bedroom and decided on a net swing and a trapeze. We went to the garden section and admired the mango trees. We went to the fake grass aisle and stroked the various fake grasses. We got a $2.50 sausage on bread cooked by the local Girl Guides. We cruised the industrial estate nearby for wooden pallets to make her a bed base.

We both agreed it was a bulk fun time.

Then we headed home to make chocolate mousse cups. They’re really cool. You blow up six long balloons. Then you melt cooking chocolate. You swirl six discs of cooking chocolate on baking paper. You dip the bottoms of the six balloons in the chocolate. You wait until the chocolate has cooled down a bit to dip the balloons, otherwise they burst. Then you pop them on top of the chocolate discs and wait for them to harden. Then you pop the balloons … and voila! You have chocolate cups. Loving!

The youngest also had a blast whipping cream and beating eggs.

Here are the recipes …

Recipe: Chicken & bacon pot pies


1 onion, finely chopped

1 garlic clove, crushed

3 rashers bacon, chopped

2 sticks celery, diced

1 large carrot, diced

100g lite cream cheese

1 cup chicken stock

1 whole cooked chicken breast (diced)

1 sheet of puff pastry


Method: Preheat oven to 180C. saute onion, garlic, bacon, celery and carrot until vegetables are soft. Add chicken stock, diced chicken and cream cheese and simmer, stirring, until cream cheese has dissolved. Thicken with a little cornflour mixed in water. Divide between four ceramic ramekins. Top with squares of puff pastry. Brush pastry with beaten egg or milk. Bake until pastry is puffed and golden. Serve. (I also add a little chilli to the mixture because I’m a spicy food fiend.)

Recipe: Chocolate Mousse Cups


300g milk cooking chocolate

chocolate mousse

strawberries, chopped

Method: I am a chocolate mousse making failure. I have tried several times and I’m hopeless at it. I end up having to pass it off as choc chip mousse because there are all these rogue bits of clumped chocolate in it (as I did this evening). So I recommend saving yourself the hassle and just buying chocolate mousse from the supermarket. But if you’re a sucker for punishment, by all means Google a chocolate mousse recipe and give it a go. Chocolate cups are made as per method mentioned in the above blog post. Decorate with chopped strawberries. The youngest fancied raspberries, but they were $9 a punnet so I said no dice.

Then we lit candles and ate at the dinner table like civilised human beings, not the savages we normally are in front of the tellie.

Yummy, yummy dinner!

What was on the menu at your place? 


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  1. Yummo, indeed! Nothing that exotic at my place! 😟
    I did a Bunnings opening in Carrum Downs last Tuesday night. We had a display there, along with about 20 other suppliers. There were prizes for the punters and lots of face-painting, balloons, sausages and hamburgers, and a trailer load of footballs for the kids running around in “My Dad’s a Tradie” t-shirts! They all had bulk fun, too! 😃

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