Farewell to my lady plumbing

OK, it's official, the universe hates me. My lady plumbing is being removed on September 30. Because, you know, I didn't have enough on my emotional plate. I held it together when the specialist told me, I joked and laughed, but I was teetering on the edge of tears. Not because I'm particularly fond of... Continue Reading →

I want a date, not a fling

I got a funny reaction to my blog yesterday, when I announced I wanted a date. A friend posted on Facebook that I needed "a toy boy fling", which is entirely the opposite of what I have in mind. I want to talk to a man I don't know and watch for sparks. I love... Continue Reading →

The party lowdown

Ooooooh I felt grim yesterday. I don't operate well on one hour of sleep ...So, was it worth it? Yes, on balance I think it was, despite the scene of devastation that still surrounds me.The fun started on Saturday morning when the "intelligent" lights, stand, LED disco ball and smoke machine arrived. The kids thought... Continue Reading →

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