The party lowdown

Ooooooh I felt grim yesterday. I don’t operate well on one hour of sleep …

So, was it worth it? Yes, on balance I think it was, despite the scene of devastation that still surrounds me.

The fun started on Saturday morning when the “intelligent” lights, stand, LED disco ball and smoke machine arrived. The kids thought the smoke machine was the best thing EVER.

And so did the grown-ups who were still playing with it at 2.30am.

The rest of the day was spent tacking up tinsel door curtains, hanging disco balls and coloured lights, clearing the place out and prepping food. I may have gotten a little shouty at one point when – not five minutes after I told the kids tone careful with the tinsel curtain – they barrelled through it and tore it down.

When Husband arrived to collect the kids at 7pm, I was looking a right sight in my fluoro gear, crimped hair and exposed midriff.

Then I stood around twiddling my thumbs when no one turned up on time. Fortunately, an hour later the place was heaving. Correction. The kitchen was heaving and the lounge room filled with $200 worth of lights – fortunately not paid for by moi – was empty.

My really cool friends Guy and Sue (aka David Lee Roth and Joan Jett) turned up and made all the school mums and dads’ eyes go wide. Everyone thought they were gatecrashers and couldn’t believe I knew them, especially when Joan whipped out her electric guitar for “I love rock n roll” and put on quite the show on the dancefloor in her Kim Kardashian skintight shiny black leggings and sunnies.

Awesome work!

My cocktails ran out at around 9pm and everyone wanted to know where the backup supplies were. Sorry, I figured $180 worth of spirits would do the trick, along with 2 packs of West Coast Coolers.

Eventually, the dancefloor was pumping. Quite a few people sounded very hoarse the next day from screeching ’80s songs at the top of their voices for 4 hours (guilty).

Sadly, I didn’t get to pash anyone, which I always regarded as a highlight of partying in the actual 80s.

The last stragglers finally flagged around 2.30am. Of course, I couldn’t sleep. Too wound up. And then I was dragged from my nice, warm bed by the bloody oven alarm during that 6.20am incident.

I think there may have been an unusually high number of hangovers in my suburb yesterday.

Fortunately I stopped skulling Slippery Nipple shots at a reasonable hour. It was hard because they were soooo YUM. I tottered through the day sans headache or nausea, just horrifically sleep deprived.

Thank you to all the divine school mums and dads for their gifts of 80s finger food, vodka, disco lighting, disco balls etc etc.

And thank you to everyone for celebrating the exciting new chapter in my life. Oh, and would someone like to come and vacuum the ground-in Cheezels from the carpet because I’m still too shagged to be bothered.

Here are some party snaps …





My 80s food offerings.


The youngest loved the lights.


My gorgeous gym instructor Lianne.


Penny battled the flu to be there. Bless.


David and Joan upped the cool factor, especially when Joan cracked out her electric guitar.


My lovely new neighbour, Fi and Catherine.


Raj and Anita.


Paul and Jemma.


Claudia and Ashley.


Lara and my sis.


Mel, Penny and Mel.


The least offensive of the crappy photos of me on the night. I got the kids to take some shots before the guests arrived to suss my outfit (and mutton factor). Pity I look cross-eyed.






3 thoughts on “The party lowdown

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  1. Aaaah, those were simpler days, weren’t they? Cheezels, cabanossi, Smith’s Crisps and you had a party on your hands!
    Mutton? No way! Looking fantabulous! 😉

  2. No mutton! You look great! And what’s this about cross-eyed?? How cool are Joan and David! Can’t believe the lolly gobble bliss bombs – I don’t think I’ve seen those since the actual 80s. Such a great party recap. Well done. House officially warmed!

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