Some galah

I know I said I wouldn’t blog today but, after 2 hours fitful sleep, I had to get up because some galah had set the timer on my oven to go off at 6.20am.

Once I’m awake, I’m awake.

The house is a bloody tip after the housewarming, can’t face it. So I thought I’d blog as a diversionary tactic from the horrific clean up.

Although I am a bit nervous about running into my neighbour Martin at the bins because we were VERY loud last night.

It’s a miracle the police weren’t called.

As a further diversionary tactic I’m also going to the gym at 8am.

Yes, I know, madness.

Speaking of madness: when I was plotting the housewarming, all my energy went into the set-up.

Didn’t think about the morning after.

God knows how I will get the three-piece lounge suite out of the eldest’s bedroom. Can’t really ask the bloke over the street again after breaking his back getting it in there yesterday.

I’ll think about it this afternoon. Post gym. Post yum cha with Husband and the kids (bring on the fried stuff) and post Doctor Who premiere at the movies.

Thank heavens for Diet Coke.

I’ll tell you all about the fun bits from the party tomorrow, after I’ve slept. And tracked down a decent photo of me. Anyone?


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