Learning from psychopaths

I feel things a little too deeply sometimes – both stuff that affects me personally and the problems of those I love. It can lead to tears in the shower and a reluctance to face the world on cold winter mornings. The sensitive diagnosis was confirmed a few months ago when I got Herrmann profiled […]

When dreams change

If you could jump on a plane tomorrow and go anywhere, where would it be? Don’t think about it, just blurt out the first place that pops into your head. The first place that pops into my head is Ningaloo Reef. If I thought about it, a spot of shopping in Waikiki or eating lobster […]

Down she goes again

The youngest is sick AGAIN. Her dad dropped her off to me yesterday morning. Fotunately I can work from home when required, as most of my job simply involves my brain, touch typing skills and a computer. Despite being crook as Rookwood, the youngest still tottered into the family room and made appreciative noises about […]

Cooking up a plan

The cocooning bug has bitten me hard over the past few days. We were supposed to go out on Saturday night to celebrate the birthday of one of DD’s mates. But I felt deeply reluctant to leave the house, so I issued a last-minute invitation to dine at my place instead. I have no idea […]

Here come the TMI police

Three years ago this month my lady plumbing was scheduled for removal. I’d actually booked in to have the muffler-removed-through-tailpipe surgery and everything. But I couldn’t go through with it. And – knock on wood – I’ve saved my womb from demolition. The thing that has surprised me most about the journey is the ire […]

Moet + party pies = heaven

Last night I was invited to my kind of party. There were endless glasses of Moet and lots of party pies and chicken skewers and battered fish bites to nibble on. Moet and party pies … mmmmmm … It was the drinks industry farewell for my boss, who is retiring after 10 years at the […]

Should I do it at home?

It’s only seven months until my Big 5-0 and I’m panicking. Not about turning 50 … I’m blanking out the horror of that … but about the party details – they’re doing my head in. Yep, yep, yep. I know what you’re thinking. I ran into my friend Mel at the eldest’s art school last […]

I wasn’t supposed to do that

I was metres from the doorstep of the Renault service centre yesterday when I realised I’d left my mobile phone at home. Did you hear me cursing from your place? (In case you missed the news, my car has required three oil top-ups in six months and the driver’s side window won’t open. It is […]

Nothing playful about it

play catch-up PHRASE informal  Fall behind continually with work or financial matters. ‘I’m always playing catch-up with my homework’ Whoever coined the phrase “playing catch-up” had a sick sense of humour – there’s nothing playful about it. I’ve been doing it all week … make that all year … ok, all decade … and it’s […]

Innocent mistake

Are there more terrifying words your child can utter  … when you finally slump on the sofa at 8.30pm … after being away for two days at a conference …  than “I need to dress up for Book Week tomorrow”? Mummy freaked out … but the youngest calmly explained it was all sorted – she […]