Moet + party pies = heaven

Last night I was invited to my kind of party. There were endless glasses of Moet and lots of party pies and chicken skewers and battered fish bites to nibble on.

Moet and party pies … mmmmmm …

It was the drinks industry farewell for my boss, who is retiring after 10 years at the helm of my workplace.

It was amazing to look around the room and realise how many connections I’ve made after just over 12 months in the job.

I knew most of the faces, but there were also a heap of people I could actually greet by name and have a chat.

There’s a real camaraderie among the people who work in the drinks sphere. I think it’s quite fabulous that they can be commercial rivals, yet get together in the same room and have a good old chinwag.

I even got to natter in the flesh with a bloke I interviewed earlier in the day – by phone – who’s a bigwig at Coca-Cola Amatil. It was very freaky to be a financial journalist and ask questions about EBITs and half-year results and stuff, but I think I muddled through.

Everyone was so lovely at the party – lots of hugs and kisses and nice to see yous.

There were a few fabulous, funny speeches and an awesome video that paid tribute to my boss and brought a tear to my eye.

Great night.

The icing on the cake was arriving early via train (four car pile-up on the Sydney Harbour Bridge made training it in the obvious choice) and making a quick pit stop at Myer in the hope of finding a dress for the Australian drinks Awards next month.

Bingo! I only had 20 minutes, but I got one.

It’s a black Brave number that was on special for $140. Bar-gain! I am sorted.

Here are a few happy snaps from last night:







4 thoughts on “Moet + party pies = heaven

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  1. Am i naive to think $140??? For a dress???
    Cant u get 1 for under $20 at kmart???
    Says the woman in 25 year old tracky daks with a jumper of unknown origin that was left randomly by someone at the 1st place i lived in after i left Tim in 2000…

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