Proof Americans take Halloween WAAAAY too seriously

Love it or hate it, Halloween is getting more popular every year in Australia. But somehow I can’t imagine it ever taking on these epic proportions. Welcome to 10 ways the spooky occasion is celebrated over-the-top American style: They get just a little carried away decorating their houses … Stan Munro, from North Syracuse, New […]

Thinking of days that are no more

Three years ago yesterday, my Nan died. Well, her body died; her mind departed long before. I miss my Nan so much. She was awesome, before dementia stole her spirit. For months after she died, I wanted to ask a psychic how she was doing – whether she got her marbles back. But lately, I’ve […]

HouseGoesHollywood: the celebrity circle of life

From Lou Reed’s sad death to Christina Ricci’s happy wedding and North West’s all-white nursery, it was a celebrity circle of life this weekend. The Doctors want to return! Matt Smith and David Tennant have confessed they enjoyed working together on the 50th anniversary special for Doctor Who that didn’t want their screen time together […]

My week: what is it with bloody men?????

I’m actually going to start with Friday and work backwards because I have post-traumatic stress about it … I left early for work and texted Husband from the bus saying: “Can you pack a light jacket for the eldest … is a bit chilly” He missed the message and replied at 9.03am with: “Not as […]

How to throw an EPIC birthday party

Epic might just be the most visually stunning animated movie I’ve ever seen and it’s given me inspiration for my youngest’s next birthday party (ok, with a little help from Tori Spelling, who celebrated her 5-year-old’s latest birthday “flower-power”style). Here are some of the ideas I have in mind to make her EPIC garden party […]

HouseGoesHollywood: a royal baby is christened and a royal pain gets engaged

From a royal baby christening to a royal pain in the ass getting engaged to Kim Kardashian … it was quite the week in la-la land. >> Prince George was christened this week. What was your care factor? The photos were very sweet. Click here to check them out.   My favourite parts of the ceremony […]

The pick-up artist

Did you read the story about the Sydney mum Beth Burton, who was told by a Sydney bus driver to stop her toddler “carrying on” or get off his bus? That was me yesterday except it was my dog that was “carrying on”. I was petrified I’d be kicked off at any moment. While the […]

Farewell my dear friend

My once conjoined now separated twin, The Sharpest Pencil, has given up Diet Coke. This has totally freaked me out. Not because she is “Angry. Irritable. A little bit on the edge” as a result. But because she says: “Because I am a serial stomach ache complainer, my doctor has suggested I try the FODMAPs diet. […]