The pick-up artist

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Charlie in his dog carrier

Did you read the story about the Sydney mum Beth Burton, who was told by a Sydney bus driver to stop her toddler “carrying on” or get off his bus?

That was me yesterday except it was my dog that was “carrying on”. I was petrified I’d be kicked off at any moment. While the Sydney Buses rules state I can have a dog on the bus in an appropriate carrier, they don’t say anything about whether those rules are revoked if passengers are subjected to a continuous caterwaul for 30 minutes.

But thankfully I was allowed to remain on board.

Why was the puppy on the bus in the first place? Well, I’ve established “Take your puppy to work day” at my office every Thursday.

I even do a little dance on Wednesdays before I leave work for everyone, singing: “It’s Puppy Thursday tomorrow …. oooh yeah, oooh yeah!”

Middle-aged crazy woman.

First Puppy Thursday worked a treat. Not a sound from the dog on the bus. So I thought I was home and hosed. Until yesterday, when the mutt howled his way in.

Oh the embarrassment! Oh the shame! All these people were turning around and staring at me.

Although I can see how it would be an excellent pick-up tool. An extremely hot 20-something bloke sat down with his back turned to me … until he heard the howls. Then he swivelled and proceeded to chat to me all the way into town, admiring my little fluff ball and brushing his coffee-holding, expertly work cuff-turned arm against me every few seconds. It was heaven.

Have you ever taken a pet on public transport? How did that go for you?

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