Is he WHAT?

Humans are strange beings. My blog is hosted on a platform called WordPress. It has a dashboard that gives lots of statistics on how many people have clicked on various posts, what social media channels referred them to your site, that sort of thing. It also tells you the weird and wonderful Google searches people... Continue Reading →

A bit pear shaped

Mornings are pretty hectic in the Household as three of us scramble off in different directions. I took things up a notch yesterday when I needed to be at work by 6.45am for breakfast event at Luna Park. The guest speakers at The Drinks Association Network Breakfast were PwC's Paul von Kesmark and Birger Maekelburger,... Continue Reading →

Avoiding the rage

Aileen Weintraub writes at HuffPost: "The symptoms were subtle at first: insomnia, a racing heart, a lost word, sometimes a wrong word. But within months there was no denying it. Soon enough there were panic attacks, sobbing fits and that verboten emotion of middle-aged women ― rage." She's talking about perimenopause and when I read... Continue Reading →

It ends well

I’ve battled a lot with self doubt over the past week. It’s been a bit of a tough one. People were so kind to me over the weekend, which is always an interesting one when you're battling with self-doubt because you’re a bit yeah, nah about it - the bad stuff inside your head is easier... Continue Reading →

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