In a total spin

Every day seems to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS at the moment. But yesterday was a killer.

It started with me turning the house upside down looking for a front-door key after the eldest accidentally dropped the spare family one down a brick cavity. Don’t ask, too hard to explain.

The eldest and the youngest both couldn’t find their own spare keys, which left us with just one – mine. Mummy may have gone slightly postal.

The youngest’s was finally uncovered in her skipping rope bag.

As I dropped the youngest to school, I reminded her to be at my office at 4pm because we had a follow-up appointment with her allergist.

And she reminded me that we hadn’t organised a new referral.


My next drop-off was a specialist appointment for the eldest, who also didn’t have a referral. My ex had organised an appointment with our GP at 4pm to get one and the eldest was worded up to look at the doctor like this …

… and procure one for the youngest at the same time. My fingers were crossed that it would be OK because the youngest has been referred to the allergist before.

I couldn’t be there myself because of the allergist appointment clash, so I sent a begging text to the eldest to show the doctor.

Then I burned up the highway to work. DD messaged me at 9.45am to ask if I had time for a quick coffee. No … but yes! He’d been in Korea since Sunday morning … a whole three daaaaaaays … and I wanted to give him a cuddle.

As he sipped his piccolo and attempted to brush aside the jet lag cobwebs, he asked if he could sleep over at my place last night. He’s off to an 8am conference at St Vincent’s Hospital this morning and the traffic from his place is beyond nightmarish.

Yay! More cuddling … with a dash of panic because the house was in complete turmoil after the missing key incident.

An email arrived at 10.30am informing me that the youngest was absent from school, which was odd considering I had a very clear memory of frantically depositing her at the gate at 8.35am. Cue to and fro with the school as to whether my child had been abducted. No, just overlooked at roll call.

I powered through the rest of the day getting the Drinks Trade website ready for its official launch.

At 4.30pm, we dashed to the allergist’s office. As we burst through the door the receptionist cheerfully informed us that our referral had just arrived via the ’90s favourite communication channel – fax machine.

Then we hurtled home, turning into the driveway at 5.45pm, to get the youngest ready for netball training at 6pm. I dropped her at the courts and bolted back to the kitchen to put dinner in the oven. At 7pm, I turned around and headed back to collect her from netball.

And then I served a roast dinner with potatoes, veggies and gravy because I’m obviously deranged.

In between cleaning up the kitchen and sorting school lunches, I helped the youngest with an anti-smoking “rationale” for PDPHE – or whatever PE is called these days – that had been left til the last minute and was due today.

DD arrived at 9pm, moments after I’d frantically finished dashing around making sure the place was vaguely tidy and the bed sheets didn’t smell too much.

I was totally cactus by the time he walked through the door – mentally, physically and emotionally.

He looked pretty similar, as he hadn’t stopped putting out fires since he got off the plane yesterday morning and was still working while he sat on my couch eating leftover roast dinner.

But there was more cuddling, which took the edge off … until the youngest announced all her skipping clothes were dirty and needed to be clean by first thing in the morning …

#singlemumlife #itstoughsometimes

Song of the day: Dead or Alive “You spin me round like a record”

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  1. I think I need to read that again to catch up, what a day! Glad it was capped off with a cuddle!

    What is it with kids and the last minute thing? Mine told me on the morning of Harmony Day we needed to find an outfit – of course I had completely forgotten about it too…

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