Fire crotch

How do you feel about Zoom meetings in the age of COVID? I think it's awesome that we've realised everyone doesn't have to be in the same room to communicate effectively. It’s going to save companies so much money in airfares when/if our borders open. Unfortunately, I find the way I look in Zoom meetings... Continue Reading →

Put a ring on it

A strange thing happened in the Household last night. The kids normally skedaddle the moment they finish the last mouthful of their dinner. They race back to their bedrooms to watch tellie and listen to podcasts on their phones. I pack the dishwasher, settle onto the green velvet couch with the dogs and watch Netflix.... Continue Reading →

Tribal warfare

COVID-19 is such a divisive disease. In Sydney, the west blames the east for spreading it. The east blames the west for flaming it. Regional NSW blames Greater Sydney for sharing it. Victoria blames NSW. Queensland blames NSW. Western Australia blames everyone and wants to isolate itself forever. In my darker moments, I curse the... Continue Reading →

Just walk away

If you happen to be trapped in lockdown right now and reading this ... how's the diet going? It’s a bust around here - I've started eating “breakfast dessert”. Are you a breakfast dessert person or is it just me? I eat my Vegemite toast then think … oooh, now I fancy something sweet. Yesterday’s... Continue Reading →

Low tide

Is it week nine or 10 of lockdown in Sydney? Should I take the dogs for another walk or make more soup? Is 4pm too early for a cocktail? Have I showered today? Can I wear my pyjamas to Chargrill Charlie's? I can't speak for Melburnians, but we're starting to unravel in Sydney. The past... Continue Reading →

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