Just walk away

If you happen to be trapped in lockdown right now and reading this … how’s the diet going?

It’s a bust around here – I’ve started eating “breakfast dessert”.

Are you a breakfast dessert person or is it just me? I eat my Vegemite toast then think … oooh, now I fancy something sweet.

Yesterday’s breakfast dessert was Kit Kat fingers.

I’m pretty sure breakfast dessert isn’t a great idea for anyone hoping to fit through their front door after COVID-19 restrictions end.

I’m wondering if the fact that I’ve been walking A LOT will burn off some of the breakfast dessert calories.

I’ve deadset spent about 12 hours walking over the past three days.

On Saturday, I took the dogs for a half hour walk to get my morning coffee, did 90 minutes with my friend Emily, then spent two hours clambering over rocks at North Avalon headland with DD.

On Sunday, I walked the dogs for half an hour, did an hour with my friend Alice, another hour with my sister and two hours with my friend Ania.

I was a bit delirious with exhaustion after all that and my feet were so sore. I felt like one of those zombies in the main pic.

But I turned around on Monday and walked the dogs for half and hour, walked for two hours with my friend Kellie in the morning; and followed it up with an hour and a half with my friend Mel in the arvo.

My walk with Mel was interrupted by a call from Joe at the disabled employment agency. He was ringing for an update on my job hunting progress. Sorry Joe, it’s a shite sandwich right now. I reckon everyone who can avoid hiring is holding tight.

Anyways, back to my exercise regime. I should have a body like Elle Macpherson after all that walking, don’t you reckon? Yeah but nah.

I really need to lay off the breakfast dessert.

How awesome would it be if you only had to eat healthily and exercise for a day or two to get in shape? Needing to do it for months on end is a little demoralising, much like COVID-19 lockdowns.

There’s not much else to do at the moment, other than eat, walk, watch tellie and drink cocktails.

Walking is probably the healthiest outlet for my sturm and drang. I’ve done a lot of ranting while on them, about lockdowns and misogyny and toxic workplaces. And because you can only walk with one person at a time, I get to repeat myself ad nauseum.

I was hoping for an ocean swim to ease the angst, but the sturm has conspired against me. Things have gone all wild and woolly overnight – the rain is pelting down and it’s predicted to continue for the rest of the week. Highs of 15-16C … brrrrrrr ….

Maybe next week.

Since my morning coffee walk appears to be off the agenda, I’m going to throw myself straight into cooking – today is personal chef day. I’m doing a chicken tray bake with pumpkin, lemon and sage; my grandmother’s curried sausages; and beef, spinach and lentil pies.

Except, bugger, I’ve just realised I forgot to buy pastry. Time to play supermarket Russian roulette again!

Kel’s husband just had to spend two weeks in isolation due to an unfortunately timed shopping trip. Eeek!

That wouldn’t be a walk in the park, literally. And it’s the walks that are keeping me sane.

I may need to invest in a big mofo umbrella when I’m at the shops.

Song of the day: Katrina & the Waves “Walking on sunshine”

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