Surviving the trenches

I was chatting to someone yesterday who’s stuck in the trenches of that tough first year after a marriage break up. She looked tired and desolate. Mondays aren’t her favourite when her son heads to his dad’s place for the week. I assured her that part gets better. The alternative would be having your child […]

Delicate negotiations

How was your weekend? I spent a chunk of mine negotiating a truce between my ex and the eldest. It’s ironic because from the moment the eldest could talk, my ex was the one negotiating truces for me. The eldest was verbal from a very young age and bolshie as get out. We tended to […]

When everything changes

There’s a milestone in your daughter’s life that no one tells you about. It slams you around third term of year 7 and has nothing to do with menarche. I have no idea why it happens in third term, but all my mum friends agree that’s when girls change, quite dramatically. A lot happens in […]

The great escape

Woo-hoo! I’ve been given a six-week reprieve from jury duty! I schlepped into the city yesterday, made my way through security, wanly smiled at the nice man at the jury duty counter, told him I’ve been sick for a month and can’t make an appointment to see an ear, nose and throat specialist because of […]

Cross everything for me

Alrighty, I’m off to the Downing Centre this morning, armed with a stack of reasons/excuses for why it’s a bad time for me to serve on a jury for 10 weeks. I’m not sure what reason/excuse to offer first. I’m thinking I’ll start with the medical certificate that says I’m being treated for “persistent fatigue”. […]

I’ve lost my superpower

So, I got my blood test results back. My cholesterol, glucose and iron levels are all perfect. Go me! But … it turns out I have a vitamin D deficiency. It’s not easy for a redhead to have a vitamin D deficiency. Our lower melanin concentration mean we’re meant to be better at producing Vitamin […]

Happiness more or less

We’re a bit spoilt with our holiday these days. And by “we” I mean my nearest and dearest, because I know our reality isn’t everyone else’s. As a kid, I went to Surfers Paradise a couple of times. The rest of my school holidays were spent at my grandparents’ place in Hawks Nest. And I […]

Better late than never

It’s been a pretty crazy 24 hours. I went to the doctor yesterday morning because I was sick of feeling sick. She said I have a “resolving” sore throat – you’d want it to be resolving after a month, but geez it’s taking its time; weariness; and dermatitis in both my ear canals … sexy. […]