The divorce commandments

I am deeply unsettled and I need to talk it out. The murder of Hannah Clarke and her three kids, plus the appallingly comments by Queensland police, are weighing heavily on me. The police inspector involved is going through hell over what he [definitely shouldn’t have] said. I don’t think we need to add him […]

He spins me round

My nostalgia streak continues, but the latest bout relates to a memory from just five years ago. It’s been sparked by DD attending a conference in North Carolina this week … as he did the week I first met him. We enjoyed a well-fated drink at a suburban tavern on the Sunday, fell madly in […]

Nostalgia tripped

My nostalgia grows with my years. Is it the same for you? Some of my most powerful memories are of the holidays I spent at my grandparents’ houses – first in Cessnock, then in Hawks Nest. The Cessnock years are pretty patchy – being rushed to hospital one night after having an anaphylactic reaction to […]

Avoiding the subject

Many moons ago, when I was a slip of a girl in Year 10, I had a total meltdown about the subjects I should study for the HSC. I thought I wanted to be a pharmacist, so I’d signed myself up for physics and chemistry. The only problem was that I was very bad at […]

The middle-aged rage incident

I watched a middle-aged woman do her lolly on a pedestrian crossing yesterday. She started smashing a metal cage-like object she was carrying onto a car, then punched the bonnet for good measure. The car was attempting to turn right as she crossed at the lights. I don’t think the driver saw her at first, […]

It is done

I’ve solved my house renovation puzzle. The plan is DONE. It only involves expanding an existing toilet into a hallway to become an ensuite and getting some new windows to replace the current crappy aluminium ones … oh and some plantation shutters from my brother-in-law’s Choices store at St Leonards. No walls to remove, no […]

Living the dream

Do you remember my colleague James? He looks a bit like Jason Momoa crossed with The Rock (see below, left) … which is pretty impressive for a vegan .. and has taken care of my dogs a few times when I’ve been on holidays. Today is his last day at work because he’s moving to […]

Ignoring repeated warnings

I was all set to write yeah, nah, five days without power isn’t my favourite  when … the power came back on yesterday afternoon! I’d just hit Woolies for the makings of spag bol and was steeling myself to light the gas cooktop with a match and cook the sauce while I waited for the […]

Abandon ship

I’ve officially entered day four without electricity. The kids were due home from their dad’s place last night, so tough decisions needed to be made. While I was adapting to candlelight, scant mobile phone reception and showering at the gym, I figured that wasn’t going to fly with teenagers. The latest word from Ausgrid: “Customers […]

Lucky and unlucky

Sometimes you lose sight of the bigger picture. One of my blog followers reminded me yesterday that while there’s no power at my house following Sydney’s cyclonic storms, at least I’ve had rain. She lives in a country area that’s still facing Level 5 water restrictions. I was also admonished by a workmate for moaning […]