Here we go again

Nothing and no one prepares you for the mental and physical load that comes with parenthood. You walk into it blindly unaware of how hard it will be to juggle the load with all the other responsibilities that life throws at you. While I didn't warm to the Netflix series Beef, last night I completely... Continue Reading →

The bride

I spent yesterday sorting through the last few boxes of jumbled momentoes and bills from my downsize. My ex turned up a few hours into the task and I apologised for the mess strewn across the living room. He was dropped the eldest off after theit visit to the Archibald Prize exhibition. When he left... Continue Reading →

Pension protests

There were more riots in Paris this week over the French government raising the country's official retirement age from 62 to 64. The French have been protesting pension reforms for decades. In 1995, weeks-long mass protests forced the government of the day to abandon plans to reform public sector pensions. In 2010, millions took to... Continue Reading →

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