Something is wrong

I saw a sentence on the homepage of yesterday that stopped me in my tracks. It said: “Something is very wrong with Australian men.” I immediately thought it was a story about the shocking domestic violence crisis we’re facing in this country. It wasn’t. It was about World Mental Health Day and how men are […]

The secret I didn’t tell you

I’ve written many times about walking away from my magazine career. But I never told you this: I tried to go back … and no one wanted me. It’s hard to write those words in black and white. However, they’ve been weighing on my mind lately, bubbling back to the surface. For much the same reason […]

Seeing the proof

I got teary at the hairdressing salon the other day …. and not because I have a new shorter ‘do … I was scrolling through Facebook while my colour was setting (or whatever colour does at a salon) and saw a story called: ‘This is my dad, mowing my mom’s lawn. They’ve been divorced 28 years’. […]

This is what I wish for

The kids get back from Bali today. I can’t wait to see them. The house has been way too quiet without them. I’ve decided I’m not cut out to be a hermit in my old age. My ex sent me regular updates and photos of the kids’ adventures – everything from white water rafting to […]

Those were the crazy days

I’m faced with some tough decisions in my job as the editor of Drinks Bulletin. Yesterday I agonised over whether to choose a story about a Game of Thrones inspired Johnnie Walker whisky being released or the one about Baileys Strawberries and Cream hitting Aussie shelves? Only one of them could go into the newsletter I send […]

Tense situation

I am not relaxed person. The thought of having a facial or meditating fills me with horror because it wastes so much time. I’m far too busy for such idle indulgences  – it feels vaguely sinful to just sit around. Even watching tellie is a struggle for me these days. The only places I ever […]

Happy endings

I saw a movie last night that made me laugh, cry, seriously lust after Andy Garcia and feel a bit less scared about getting old … Erm, Book Club. OK, OK, it’s not going to win any Academy Awards, but I thought it was a little ground breaking in its own fluffy way. It’s about […]

Expecting the unexpected

I felt soooooooo relaxed last night. I couldn’t work out why, then I realised: I had a four-day long weekend. I’ve no idea how it didn’t click beforehand, but geez I needed the break. I took Friday off for a funeral, then headed into the long weekend without any major plans. The only outing in […]

And they’re gone

The house is very quiet this morning – kids have flown to Bali for a blended family holiday with my ex’s partner and her son. Saying goodbye on the eve of their big adventure was bittersweet. I spent the day supervising all the packing and purchasing of last minute necessities, got the youngest a “baby […]