I can’t forget

Alzheimer’s prevention is an expensive business. Remember the scientist I told you about last week, the one who’s linked Alzheimer’s disease to menopause? She said good foods – for menopausal women who are terrified of getting Alzheimer’s – are omega-3 fatty acids, berries, particularly goji berries, dark chocolate, citrus fruits, nuts, seeds, olive oil, dried […]

Things that can’t be unseen

I never expected to become a journalist who writes about serious things like the Australian Brands in China Index 2019,. My stock in trade for most of my career was whether Brad and Jen would get back and if Bec would leave Lleyton. (I think the weekly mags are still obsessed with those topics, though […]

Ratmageddon – the sequel

I read an article that said stress during menopause triggers Alzheimer’s … so I tried to stay calm yesterday … but it was difficult because I went to a family counselling session about the rat. I’m not sure the psychologist had ever held a family counselling session about a rat before. He appeared quite bemused […]

Is it really a thing?

I woke my 15-year-old at 7.15am yesterday and told them it was going to be a wild ride to school. It was 7C, the wind was ferocious and the rain had been pelting down all night. The 15-year-old asked if they could have the day off school, due to the rain and all. I said no. […]

He’s in for a shock

An eternity ago, when I was editorial director of TV Week magazine, I worked with a bright young lad called Thomas. He’s now a columnist for Executive Style and this week he wrote a piece called “No more bath sex and other weird things about turning 30”. I was a little taken aback … and […]

Scary on the outside

I’ve realised there’s something to be said for not waiting until you’re older to become a mum. It seemed to make perfect sense when I was in my 20s and 30s to hold off on starting a family so I could travel the world, buy lots of nice clothes, edit magazines and all those fabulous […]

I don’t want to go back

One of my co-workers turned 22 this week. So young! As we sat around eating birthday cake and chatting, someone said they wished they were 22 again. I shuddered. There is NO WAY I want to return to my 20s. I might like being 32 again, but 22, nah. I didn’t really come into my own […]

Our hearts were ready

I can’t get Blanche d’Alpuget’s words about loving Bob Hawke out of my mind. Have you seen the interview? Leigh Sales spoke to Blanche last week and I found it incredibly moving. Blanche and Bob had an affair in 1978 … while he was still married to Hazel … let’s just gloss over that bit […]

Seeing the light

DD is about to disappear overseas for most of the next three weeks. Sad face. So he took me on a farewell date to Vivid on Monday night. He normally goes to a group workout at the Warrior’s Muscle Beach on Monday nights. The gang was most put out when he ditched them for a […]

Not a total disaster

I was so busy telling you about the rat drama yesterday that I didn’t have time for the good stuff. My mental health day off on Friday wasn’t a complete disaster. After anxiously assuring my ex that Twitch was an unwelcome surprise to me too, I drove up to the Northern Beaches for some R&R. […]