Bringing you up to speed: part two

After two beautiful days in Forster, we explored South West Rocks on route to Bellingen to drive the Waterfall Way. Here’s a happy snap from South West Rocks, we thought it was awesome: And here’s the link to all the fun details on The Thirsty Travellers. Here’s a happy snap from Waterfall Way, which was […]

Bringing you up to speed: part one

So much happened during my blogging break, I’ll need at least two posts to cover it. I’ve been looking back through my photos from the past 10 days and giving myself little starts of surprise. For example, I’d forgotten that the youngest and I had COVID tests the week before last. The youngest just had […]

Apocalyse owww

So many lovely things happened last week that I’m dying to tell you about … but they will have to wait because I need to share the harrowing details from my apocalyptic Saturday night. The day started so peacefully, with a piece of that new fangled Crumpet Toast stuff … have you tried it? Weird […]

Time to rest

As you’ve probably guessed from my blog posts this week, I need a rest. So I’m taking a week off from everything from housework to blogging. It starts tonight – can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! I’m celebrating the long-awaited cessation by getting my first haircut in six months at 6pm, then grabbing takeaway BBQ […]

Soooooooo slow

I am trapped in the middle of the longest mini-renovation EVER. It has been weeks and weeks and weeks and WEEKS. A bloke finally started the tiling yesterday. Woo-hoo! He kept asking tricky questions like: “What way do you want the tiles laid?” and “Do you want light grey grout or dark grey grout?” I […]

Assuming the pretzel position

Moving on from yesterday’s “first world problems” … my new least favourite phrase comes out of my kids’ mouths at least once a week/day:”I’m tired!” They’re tired! Teenagers who sleep 10 hours a night minimum, then go to school for six hours, then spend the rest of their waking hours in bed watching TikTok are […]

Freedom of choice

My least favourite phrase used to be “first-world problem” … because what other sort of problem was someone living in the first world supposed to have? Ironically, COVID-19 means the whole world shares the same problem for the first time. Rather than bringing us closer together, it feels like we’ve never been further apart. “World […]

Guilty pleasure

As I was clambering down from Barrenjoey Lighthouse yesterday, a perfect stranger did something totally unexpected. She told me she loved my blog. I was so startled. I haven’t been recognised publicly since I put a “How to blow like a pro” coverline on Singapore CLEO back in 2000. There was a lot of whispering […]

Losing the plot

I’m mostly OK about the Jamala Wildlife Lodge incident now … but still mildly outraged … don’t upset a menopausal woman. Just don’t. I‘m also wondering if people are losing the plot a little during COVID-19. A friend suggested that the Jamala manager’s response might be a sign that she is personally at a breaking […]

Let it go

I am not very good at “letting things go” and I’m getting worse at it with age. I dwell and sigh and mooch for days. I normally do everything I can to avoid conflict because I can’t cope with the negativity that it brings. But, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I couldn’t help myself and […]