I’m missing it

Every now and then I feel a sharp pang of longing to work in magazines again. Actually, there have been two pangs in the last week. The first one came during a three-hour brainstorm for a magazine that’s produced for The Drinks Association. I loved talking to the publisher and editor about paper thickness, show […]

That really isn’t fair

Regular readers of HouseGoesHome won’t be surprised to hear my Sunday started as above. Yup, another car drama. I jumped behind the wheel at 7.30am to go to Pump class and the bloody car wouldn’t bloody start. It just kept flashing “traction on” and “brake fail” messages at me. Luckily my friend Alice kindly interrupted […]

I drink and I know things

I went carousing with my brother-in-law this week to say thank you for for all the help he gives his wife’s poor sister. He’s a whisky fan, so when an invitation arrived to a Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection tasting event at a viking restaurant called Mjølner, I thought it sounded like […]

Is this the best kind of love?

I’ve been overthinking why love at 51 feels so good. I know that’s crazy, but I overthink EVERYTHING. I should stop. I can’t. Perhaps years of therapy would help, but this poor single mum can’t afford that. Fortunately, contemplating why love feels so good is one of the nicest things I’ve ever overthought. I’ve been […]

This must be a joke

I was sent a press release last night and I’m not sure if it’s taking the piss. Let me know what you think … It starts off by saying: “Chef Nelly Robinson from nel. likes to keep things interesting… that’s why he changes the degustation menu at his bunker-esque Surry Hills venue every eight weeks. […]

Such a dangerous rort

Dear NSW Government Revenue, I am writing about your email to me regarding my penalty notices for driving an unregistered vehicle and not having a validated green slip. You say you “considered the circumstances” I presented and determined my penalties should still apply. You tell me that “driving an unregistered vehicle is illegal and potentially […]

Old married couple

The coming-of-teen-age birthday celebration went well: much fun and very little sleep was had by all. DD graciously provided his living room for the overnight event, requested due to its size and proximity to the beach. The girly gaggle went for a swim while DD and my ex – who’d helped transport the guests – […]

Is he WHAT?

Humans are strange beings. My blog is hosted on a platform called WordPress. It has a dashboard that gives lots of statistics on how many people have clicked on various posts, what social media channels referred them to your site, that sort of thing. It also tells you the weird and wonderful Google searches people […]

In a total spin

Every day seems to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS at the moment. But yesterday was a killer. It started with me turning the house upside down looking for a front-door key after the eldest accidentally dropped the spare family one down a brick cavity. Don’t ask, too hard to explain. The eldest and the youngest […]

The chicken injury

I have a dodgy sacrum. Back when I was a crazy chicken lady, two of my chicks were pecking on the deck when a storm hit. I scooped up a chick in each hand, ran into the house and slipped on the wet floor. What happened next is known in physio circles as a “splits […]