It’s all happening

Yesterday was very exciting and a little disappointing … both at the same time … and I didn’t even watch the Melbourne Cup. The electrician came over and finished installing all the power points, so I don’t have to make toast under a side table in the lounge room any more. Woo hoo! But he […]

The other side

DD and I celebrated the Day of the Dead on Sunday night with his work bestie and her partner. It wasn’t intentional, DD was in the mood for margaritas and it coincided with a significant date in the Mexican calendar. We ate soft tacos and sipped tequila and talked A LOT. Well, the chicks did […]

Positive signs

I feel weirdly happy despite what I’m about to tell you: my bills exceeded my bank balance on Friday, so I applied to access my superannuation. It’s a remarkably easy process. You just fill out a few details on the ATO website and they let you know four days later whether it’s approved. Fingers crossed. […]

Love on the rebound

Love on the rebound isn’t supposed to last, but DD and I just celebrated our sixth anniversary this week. When we met, he was only a few weeks out of a nasty relationship break-up and my marriage had ended just six months beforehand, but somehow we made it through. And it often feels like the […]

The end is near

I was convinced my dog was on his last legs yesterday. He couldn’t even walk to the coffee shop. He just kept stopping and refusing to take another step. I had to carry him most of the way. Whenever I put him on the ground he’d stare up at me with sad eyes that seemed […]

Getting it done

A fly on the wall wouldn’t know I was unemployed – I was flat out yesterday. I wrote six stories for Drinks Digest. I worked out how to plug ads into the site. I joined NRMA roadside assist, as my Renault roadside assist is about to expire. I walked to the service centre to collect […]

She’ll be right

I’m a chronic over thinker, so you won’t be surprised to hear I’ve been pondering what my imaginary autobiography should be called. The current favoured title is “My glass half-full life”. I think it sums up my attitude to this rollercoaster. I have my ups, I have my downs, but I never let bitterness take […]

I didn’t want it to end

I had such a lovely weekend. I didn’t want it to end and normal life to begin again. I went to Fingal Bay, in Port Stephens, with some old friends. They head there every Easter for a week and I’ve been admiring their happy snaps for years, so they organised for me to enjoy the […]

Escape plan

Unaware that I was about to be retrenched, I booked a few getaways last month. I handed in my leave forms about an hour before I got the chop. I got the month wrong on one of them and my boss came over to my desk to query it, which seems a bit odd in […]

Anything and nothing

The youngest came home from school and announced she’d applied to be an exchange student in Sweden. I stared at her in horror. She took umbrage with my horror and wanted to know why I wasn’t excited for her. Because Europe is riddled with COVID-19, that’s why. Sweden alone had almost 9000 cases from October […]