My latest adventure

DD loves a good red, so he was miffed to miss out on “Discover Altero”. Altero is a new wine range from South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. Its winemaker, Mike Farmilo, previously created red wines at Penfolds. “Discover Altero” was a Cellarmasters’ event featuring an artisan Italian dinner at Pasta Emilia in Surry Hills, with the […]

That was bliss

Kind souls worry when I don’t publish a blog post, so I put a pic on Facebook yesterday morning that said: “No blog. Gone swimmin’.” It didn’t stop a few people touching base to check “gone swimmin’” wasn’t code for “clinging to the precipice”. But I was fine. Well, I’ve been feeling a bit frazzled […]

It’s come to this

The eldest looked at me like I was totally loopy when I arrived home from the chemist on Saturday arvo raving “Oh my gawd, look what I found!” What I’d found was a 96-pill bottle of Nurofen while I was waiting for the youngest’s EpiPen and cortisone scalp lotion prescriptions to be filled. I had […]

Bit of a shocker

Yesterday wasn’t my favourite. I had a major run-in with the eldest and forgot to a) give them their school lunch and b) check I’d shut the side gate properly after an early morning walk. I was pretty addled as I drove to work, but I threw myself into a big day of writing, which […]

It’s making me itch

Jesus, Joseph and Mary … who knew sitting in an examination room for 90 minutes having an allergist talk non-stop about your kid would be so exhausting? Not to mention stressful. My teeth ached like nobody’s business afterwards from all the clenching. I was a shell of a mother when we finally staggered out with […]

Practising self care

I have been a fairly absent parent over the school holidays. All work, very little play. Fortunately my ex came through with an Australia Day long weekend for the kids at Berowra Waters. So at least they ended the hols with a hurrah. I feel bad about them having such a mundane school break … […]

Middle-aged love

Forget bouquets of flowers … I was touched on Sunday night when DD delivered a packet of Gaviscon to my bedside table. A bunch of roses ain’t gonna ease my middle-aged reflux. (Although I’ve since been told by fellow middle aged lovers that Nexium is the ultimate romantic reflux gesture.) Yesterday morning, I drove to […]

Heartbreak and joy

All the hairs on my arms stood on end yesterday as I discussed the Kathleen Folbigg case with my old school mates. They’d just been to the jail for a morning visit with Kathy. We met for brunch by the river, before heading back to the jail for an afternoon visit. I was floored by […]

This too shall pass

I got a bit blue yesterday. I haven’t been blue for ages, which has been lovely. But my stomach was so knotty with anxiety and sadness yesterday that I felt nauseous. Eating the last slice of white chocolate mud cake the youngest baked didn’t help. It just enhanced the queasiness. I don’t feel like picking […]

A dream is coming true

Along with the rest of the world, I was pretty shocked when Neil Finn joined Fleetwood Mac last year. I’ve been hooked on Neil since he warbled I Got You on Countdown in the early 80s, while Fleetwood Mac has been a slow burn since I fell in love with the rousing Tusk and later […]