Drinks with Al: pretty pink stuff

Did you sip something pink for Valentine’s Day last weekend? You’re not alone. Rosé has been the fastest growing varietal in Australia for the last five years and continues to outpace the rest of the wine category.  DD and I love drinking Rosé together on a Sunday afternoon, regardless of the date. We opened a […]

Feeling the loss

It’s weird when you think that you’ve moved on and you suddenly find yourself blubbing in the middle of a restaurant. I had dinner last night with my former Food Editor Jennene. It sounds funny saying “my”. When I was the editor of Woman’s Day I managed a staff of around 35 people. There was […]

That was unexpected

I read three very unexpected things yesterday. The first was on Facebook, in my suburb’s private Facebook group. Someone wrote: “Hi all. Can anyone recommend where I can hire Alpacas for a party? Thank you — looking for recommendations.” Hello, what? I suppose it’s hardly unexpected in an area where every second car is a […]

Lots of special deliveries

Sorry to be talking about booze again, but it’s been a hectic few days for Drinks Digest. Multiple deliveries have been arriving on my tattered front door mat. The universe must have heard my divorce finally came through and wanted me to have lots of beverages for toasting. I bolted home from work last night […]

It finally happened

My ex dropped over yesterday for a family meeting about various kid matters and casually dropped into the conversation that he thought our divorce might have gone through. He checked his emails on his phone and confirmed that, yup, it was final. I’ve often wondered how I would feel about it finally happening. A little […]

The romance isn’t dead

I am not a Valentine’s Day person … or a traditionalist when it comes to romantic gestures. Flowers are lovely in theory, but the reality doesn’t move me – I worry too much about how much they cost and how quickly they will die in my care. But the last 12 months have been pretty […]

The big reveal

The doctor called yesterday with my MRI results. He said they showed my brain looked completely normal. I thanked him for the good news, then told him that I was working for a women’s health website and had numerous theories on the cause of my balance issues that we could pursue, including a thyroid test. […]

Learning from past mistakes

I’ve finally started watching the latest series of The Crown and found myself oddly fond of Princess Anne and her no-nonsense ways. I got a little emotional yesterday when I saw the little hand of Princess Eugenie’s new bub. I think because I’m hoping the Royal Family is finally learning from its past mistakes when […]

Seeking the light

I’ve decided some positive blogging is in order to counteract my current cranky mood. I’m feeling a bit grrrrrr about my latest round of money, health and parenting worries. But ain’t nobody got time for that, we’ve all got problems of our own. I have no idea how DD puts up with my moodiness – […]