11 adorable under-the-sea treats

We’re a little ocean-obsessed here in the Household. The kids adore a splash in the waves, I never feel more at peace than when exploring the rockpools at Merewether Beach, homemade fish fingers are the family’s favourite dinner … the eldest even has an under-the-sea themed bedroom complete with fish swimming on the walls and […]

Uncomplimentary behaviour

Do not give me a compliment under any circumstances. I’ll just say something like “This old thing?” or “It really needs a trim” or “I forgot to add enough salt”. And we’ll both feel awkward and embarrassed. So let’s just agree, right here and now, that compliments are completely wasted on me. Because I have […]

Time warp Tuesday: monster head wounds

I went out last night with Sister for dinner. I’d been planning a booze-free Monday, but she arrived with a bottle of red. It would have been rude to refuse. But it didn’t leave much time/energy for creative thought. And my electric blanket beckoned (geez it’s hard to get up early on dark wintry mornings). […]

The crash

A galoot with a ciggie in one hand and a mobile phone in the other rear-ended my shite heap of a car on Saturday. Damn him. There I was, minding my own business, waiting to exit my local shopping centre carpark when whomp! I was tempted to blame myself for the sorry scenario (any excuse […]

HouseGoesHollywood: Kim loves being a mum, Kelly’s bankrupt & Madonna fears for her kids

It’s been a tumultuous weekend in Hollywood, with Paris Jackson needing further psychiatric care, Kelly Rutherford filing for bankruptcy and Kim’s boobs growing to WHAT size? Paris to get additional treatment Paris Jackson‘s family have decided she needs extended care for her mental health issues after she is released from the UCLA Medical Center in […]

My week: two stoushes and a naked wedding

I started the week a Hollow Husk following a weekend crammed with the birth of Kim Kardashian’s baby, Nigella Lawson’s “playful tiff” with her husband and the release of Curtis Stone’s wedding photos. I decided to cover them all on iVillage in addition to spending quality time with my family, so things got a mite […]