I’m a zen mama

Well, I was yesterday at least. No wine. No Diet Coke. Laid-back demeanor the WHOLE day. It can’t last, of course. No, I shouldn’t say that. Because I really hope it does. I could do with a little more zen in my life. I wasn’t always so tightly wound. I spent the first 35 years […]

HouseGoesHollywood: Tori sleeps with a chicken, Susan Sarandon pole dances and much more!

Things get a little wacky in Hollywood today, as stars sleep with chickens, pole dance and release tacky videos. Tori sleeps with a chicken Tori Spelling has posted a video to her Twitter account revealing she shares her bed with a chook. “This is how we sleep…” she wrote, then panned across to husband Dean […]

Beached wail

Right, so the Household barely thought of the beach the whole of summer and now, in LATE APRIL, we spend most of the weekend there. What’s with that? And what’s with the weather? I mean, I’m not knocking it, but 29C on April 28 … totally bizarre. Sprog 1 had a birthday party/sleepover at Maroubra […]

Holiday happy snaps

Husband came through with the goods – downloading the pics from our camera involves inserting a disc into the printer or something, kinda like changing a tyre, I’m resolving not to learn how to do it – so here are some highlights from our trip. Click on one image and it will become a full-sized […]

More bitchiness

Here I sit at the computer at 4.13am. Bloody jetlag strikes again. She’s still being a total bitch. I admit going to bed at 7.30pm last night may have been a tactical error, but I was totally shagged. I could barely keep my eyes open during John Carter. What the hell is that movie all […]

Jetlag’s a bitch

Finally, after getting up at 5.30am in Charleston, catching a 7.30am flight to Charlotte, then another to New York, then another to Seoul, then another to Sydney, then sleepwalking though the day, then going to bed at 6.30pm and sleeping for 12 hours, I’m staggering zombie-like around my own home eating toasted cheese sandwiches after […]

No fried chicken – waaaaah!

The long haul home has begun. We rose at 5.30am for a 7.30am flight to New York (via Charlotte, North Carolina). If we make the connecting flight – deep breaths – its 14 hours to Seoul, a two-hour wait, then 10 hours to Sydney. Fark a duck. Our last day of holiday kicked off with […]

The wedding photos!

I love weddings, especially Southern ones. They’re my new absolute favourite. I don’t know what this says about me, but one of my favourite moments was having a good blub along with the groom as he said his vows. Here are some blurry snaps I took on my phone of the day. (I’ll post some […]