I’m a zen mama

zen mama

Well, I was yesterday at least.

No wine. No Diet Coke. Laid-back demeanor the WHOLE day.

It can’t last, of course.

No, I shouldn’t say that.

Because I really hope it does.

I could do with a little more zen in my life.

I wasn’t always so tightly wound. I spent the first 35 years on this earth exuding unflappable calm.

My nickname in my first workplace was Speedy. Because I loped my way gently through every day.

That all changed when I started editing Woman’s Day.

Nothing calm about that.

Every day – especially once I added children to the mix – was high octane.

Towards the end of my tenure I was so strung out I started having palpitations. I even had a heart monitor strapped to me for 24 hours to check my heart wasn’t on the fritz.

Even my recent 18 months as a stay-at-home mum didn’t chill me down. It just took a few of my sharpest edges off.

Until now.

I don’t know why I think this week might finally be different, but it feels good. Peaceful almost.

It might be the kid-free holiday. Who knows?



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