What you see

I took a half day off on Friday and another on Monday, so I’m a bit frantic catching up on work. I’m keeping the words in this blog post to a minimum and sticking to the visuals. Since we last spoke, DD took an arty fireside whisky photo for me for The Thirsty Travellers: Click […]

I shouldn’t be shocked

I shouldn’t be shocked by this news, but I am: Qantas chief Alan Joyce reckons we won’t be travelling internationally until July next year. And I think by “internationally” he means New Zealand. Joyce said yesterday that the “travel bubble” with New Zealand has progressed, but access was unlikely until 2021. “(For) international, we have […]


The world doesn’t stop

Forgive the air of mystery yesterday – various stresses, including a dear friend being very ill, got me down. I don’t think kids understand how unrelenting life as an adult can be – you can’t stop the world when you want to get off, there are too many bills to be paid. Everything needs to […]

This is what I’m talking about

I have a heavy heart and I need to distract myself. So I’m going to prattle about celebrities today instead of the big stuff. Here goes … Remember me blogging about  Bruce Willis and Demi Moore quarantining together with their kids during COVID-19? Daughter Tallulah explained at the time: “We made the choice to quarantine together and […]

The Packer years

DD sent me an article yesterday from the SMH, featuring journalists reminiscing about their encounters with Kerry Packer during his rein at ACP. It was such a step back in time. The article slipped up when it said: “Overlooking Hyde Park, the top floor private dining room with its full time chef and waiters was […]

Boys on film

The youngest wants to get her cartilage pierced, so I gave her a lift to the shopping centre on Saturday to try her luck. She was convinced she could pass for 16 and get it done without parental permission. As if! I didn’t even bother objecting to the cartilage piercing idea, I knew I was […]

Feeling special

When I was flush with cash I loved shopping on US & UK fashion websites. My favourites included The Outnet, Shop Bop, Lucky Brand and Gap. Outnet still sends me emails. I must remember to unsubscribe, because I’m pretty sure I will never buy designer sale items from there again unless I have a lottery […]

I can’t keep up

I was shocked to read an AFR article yesterday about Bauer selling its Australian magazine operations to private equity firm Mercury Capital. The sale comes just months after it was forced to continue with its acquisition of Pacific Magazines from Seven West Media for $40 million. Bauer entered the Aussie market in 2012, when it paid […]

Counting the beat

I’ve been invited to a parent-teacher interview in late June and I hesitated before saying yes. Not because I don’t want to hear what the teacher has to say … though that does makes me slightly nervous … but because the date niggled in my mind and I couldn’t work out why. Then I realised […]

Going downhill

A former colleague shared this disturbing infographic on her Facebook feed over the weekend: It’s from a mob called ketocustomplan.com, who obviously have no interest in attracting female subscribers over the age of 50, as they will take one look at the sketches representing them and want to start a crowd-funding campaign for a cyber […]