Heavily invested

I think it's a measure of how much I love editing drinkstrade.com.au that I almost laughed up a lung when this picture arrived in my inbox yesterday: I'm not sure it's quite so entertaining for people outside the drinks industry, but ... Carlton & United Breweries has launched The Pub Reopening Ceremony, a pub crawl... Continue Reading →

That’s a first

Reactions to the photo of my shattered oven door have been fairly whoa. "I've never known anyone to break an oven like that," said my mum's bestie. "Insanity - never heard of that happening," said a friend. "Ohh god, that's not good," said the youngest. "I Googled it and that almost never happens," said the... Continue Reading →

Who do I think I am?

I’ve always regarded myself as being fairly self-aware. Especially so during my post-marriage years. I know my strengths and my weaknesses. I am hyper-vigilant, anxious, sensitive and stubborn. But I am also kind, intelligent, lively, strong and imaginative. I was surprised recently when someone told me that I lacked curiosity and initiative. I've always considered... Continue Reading →

Such a mother

I felt like such a mother yesterday as I insisted the eldest take a ham sandwich and a warm sweater to school and a #blacklivesmatter protest. The warm sweater was a tough sell because apparently none of the eldest's jackets matched his protest outfit. I pointed out that the protest was being held after dark and... Continue Reading →

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